While print displays have been an advertising staple for several years, there is no denying that technology has evolved rapidly to keep up with the competition in various markets. Although posters and bulletin boards are still widely used today, most successful companies realize that electronic message boards have become the latest technology trend to adopt. 

Digital signage is everywhere now. You can find LED displays immediately capturing your attention while driving down the road, walking into your local restaurant, or attending an event at a nearby venue. It's the perfect opportunity to turn prospects into customers and retain the attention of your desired audience. 

LED technology can output high-resolution content that never fails to grab someone's attention. The screens could showcase a consistent flow of marketing messages, digital photographs, videos, instructions, menus, social media, and other important information.

Implementing a digital signage solution is highly essential and beneficial to the success of a business, regardless of what they do or sell. The impact of this marketing tool is proven to enhance customer service and promotions while increasing employee productivity and brand awareness.

A recent study shows that the digital signage market is projected to be valued at $27.8 billion by 2026

The benefits of LED signage for businesses could range from increased profits to higher engagement from viewers.

What is an LED Video Wall? 

LED stands for "light-emitting diode," a tiny, two-lead semiconductor light source. An LED video wall comprises several direct-view LED displays that function together as a cohesive unit as if it were a single screen. 

Each display generates sharp, bright, and colorful images that showcase visual content like videos, images, text, and other forms of graphics.

An LED screen is significantly efficient and unique because, unlike any other technology for digital signage, it can produce and emit light independently. The fact that LED lights are resistant to vibrations, shock, and impact from external objects makes the equipment highly durable and long-lasting, ensuring long-term benefits in this investment. 

Modern LED video walls are created for maximum reliability and endurance, especially since manufacturers often use professional-grade materials to build these units.

The power of LED technology can attract store traffic, increase purchase decisions, and entertain customers. The goal is to trigger impulse decisions among customers and successfully promote sales, providing helpful content for customers while upgrading omnichannel marketing strategies.

Here are 10 Ways to Use LED Digital Signage Impacts the Workforce

  • Feature a Product or Service

When people enter or walk by your business, they must be able to recognize who you are. It is highly imperative that your prospects remember your business and what you offer. 

LED signage provides bright screens with a broad spectrum of bold colors that can introduce products and services with crisp and dynamic images. 

Showcasing products and services can be effectively executed with LED displays. A business can display the features of its offerings, promote sales or price drops, integrate social media platforms, and update the latest news in real-time. 

Digital signage is an effective way to increase brand awareness by grabbing the attention of prospects and providing an unforgettable visual experience. 

  • Explain the Value of Your Product or Service

LED technology can help enhance the value perception of your brand to potential customers. Providing digestible content and explanations with visually appealing graphics may convince customers why they should invest in your offerings. 

For example, a cruise terminal could explain how they provide the best vacation experience with endless possibilities of entertainment, musical performances, casinos, parties, and dining options. 

For a university, it could explain to potential students how the school campus supports students with resources such as academic advising, mentorship programs, and strong career planning. 

For a fire station, it could explain how the fire department ensures the highest quality of training for their firefighters, prepared to save lives if a disaster strikes. The main goal is to emphasize the "WHY" behind your offerings. 

Displaying this information develops a foundation of trust with the prospects, allowing them to better understand how your product or service could benefit them instead of considering a competitor. 

  • Educate Customers 

LED digital signage can give visitors an educational experience by simply providing content that can teach something new and valuable. The LED screen should be interactive or visually engaging.

For example, Amazon can showcase a video with a "behind-the-scenes" aspect, revealing how design engineers keep their warehouses efficiently updated to keep up with the fast delivery they are known for. The information can transition into a more profound topic, like explaining the benefits of being able to stay on top of the competition and ensuring the best delivery experience for all of their customers.

  • Create a Sense of Urgency 

LED displays can deploy engaging and educational content to boost the immersive consumer experience, increasing up-sells and impulse buys. Tempting customers and triggering a sense of urgency is an effective strategy to upsell during the buying stage.

The screen can advertise a sale or promotion, such as a major discount. For example, a hotel might flash a special offer (like “$50 Date Night for 2”) on an LED display by the entrance to lure visitors into eating at the recently opened restaurant. Viewers can then scan a QR code that displays a screen on their phone, allowing them to make reservations successfully. 

  • Promote Self-Service

LED displays can function as self-service kiosks for customers. This allows people to complete transactions independently or find solutions to problems without needing to connect with an employee. It leaves the rest of your team available to handle more complex issues that customers cannot solve without further assistance.

For example, LED screens can display frequently asked questions (FAQ) and save your company time and resources by providing information that interested prospects usually desire. Implementing an effective strategy that shares helpful information with customers and answers their questions quickly and easily allows them to feel more comfortable completing a purchase. 

LED solutions can reduce customer wait times, increase revenue, and improve the customer service experience. 

  • Display Reviews

Reviews about products and services reveal a lot about the quality standards given to customers. Most people check reviews before spending money and are most likely to buy something supported with positive reviews. 

You can help customers make confident purchase decisions by providing legitimate feedback. It enables the company to establish trust since it shows how you care about your customers or target audience's opinions. 

Adding LED video walls is the perfect opportunity to show off testimonials and leave a lasting impression on how effective the offerings are. A business can collect customer reviews from online platforms such as Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. This feature can reassure prospects about their buying decision by providing honest feedback from real customers.

  • Facilitate Wayfinding 

We all can relate to the feeling of walking into an unfamiliar space for the first time and having no idea where to go. Whether an enterprise decides to install static or interactive digital signage, it is always helpful to provide a way to help navigate people around a facility.

A bright LED screen installed in an entryway, transition point, elevator, and walkway can guide customers and employees around the premises of a landscape. This helps people plan their route, saves time, and reduce stress. 

  • Entertain Customers 

LED signage can entertain your customers and cause them to spend more time at your business. For example, installing a sizeable indoor video wall in an airport could provide an immersive experience for those traveling. 

When customers have to wait in lines or waiting rooms, it could cause a stale effect on their experience. These displays could have interactive games or show family-friendly content within the premises. This is also an excellent time to run custom advertisements with various marketing messages relative to the company.

  • Reduce Printing Costs

Compared to traditional print media costs and deployment time, digital signage is much more cost-effective, efficient, and versatile. 

The ability to display countless messages is what makes this technology economical. Companies can update and showcase an endless flow of content in real-time, staying on top of current trends, harnessing viral content, and implementing marketing campaigns immediately. 

Although investing in a video wall can seem expensive, LED technology is fairly affordable. The long-term maintenance costs can save an enterprise a ton of money since it can function 24/7 without supervision. In fact, in case of technical issues or damages, the individual modules are easy to access and replace. 

Installing an LED display can reduce the costs of material and labor to keep printing media that eventually loses purpose and degrades in its physical form over time (such as colors fading and damages the paper might undergo).

  • Improve Productivity with Employees

Besides marketing to customers, LED technology can also facilitate and enhance the employee experience and communication behind the scenes.

Digital signage could be found in the break room, restrooms, or along the hallways— anywhere employees can be found. The screens can display meeting schedules, event reminders, policy guidelines, missions and values, fun memories of team bonding, and recognitions. 

For example, the CEO could record a video reporting on an issue or share updated information with all staff in real-time. The CEO could even shout out to certain employees for achieving goals and maintaining outstanding efforts. 

Other examples of how digital signage could benefit employees: 

  • Incentives can be promoted to motivate salespeople with their quotas, providing information on monthly goals and key company metrics. 
  • Health and safety protocols can be promoted to protect employees in a post-pandemic work environment. 
  • Announcements and clear instructions for any changes implemented in systems and regulations can be highlighted.
  • Company culture can be shared by displaying pictures and videos of team events. 

The custom and personable touch that LED technology can provide makes employees feel valued. Improving the communication efforts will increase employee satisfaction, retention, safety, and productivity. When employees are adequately informed and have the resources they need to thrive, they can provide an experience for customers.  


LED technology has become more affordable than ever, so more businesses are choosing to upgrade. It’s time to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your brand.

The power of LED digital signage can serve several purposes across a company. It can take your business to the next level, promoting the sales of products or services while keeping employees and customers informed and engaged. 

Discover how Spinitar can help install, maintain and manage the digital signage at your company. 

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