Increasing student engagement in the classroom can be a daunting task. With the help of the VariQuest Perfecta and Cutout Maker, your school can increase student engagement and school spirit. Check out how Bixby Elementary and other Southern California schools have created a positive classroom environment with the help of these VariQuest tools.

1) Design Engaging Posters With The Perfecta

The VariQuest Perfecta works to bring smaller documents to life, by scanning PDF documents and expanding them into large banners or posters. The Perfecta is a color printer which includes a fully-integrated 36’’ or 24’’ scanner that can enlarge and reduce documents at the touch of a button. The VariQuest software includes 1,200 education specific posters and banners for the Perfecta system. This product is great for printing full colored banners or posters to increase school spirit. Creating large posters can help your students find pride in their school and create excitement around what they are learning.

Check out some examples below:

bixby banner

2) Focus On The Details With The Cutout Maker

The VariQuest Cutout Maker, allows users to digitally cut words, shapes, and designs from construction paper, cold laminated paper, card stock, bond paper, flexible magnetic and adhesive vinyl. The Cutout Maker's PACD NX software unlocks over 4,000 shapes for the Cutout Maker. The Cutout Maker allows the user to create complex cutouts to encourage themes, increase creativity, and ultimately, increase school spirit. Whether it is through a classroom lesson or posters around campus, the Cutout Maker can influence your students learning. Through colorful posters and messaging, students are presented with fun hallways lined with uplifting messages and lesson plans designed with cutouts that students can engage with to better understand complex concepts. Bixby elementary school has used the Cutout Maker in a variety of ways to increase learning and excitement.

Here are some examples:

10 Practical Tips 23


3) Use The Perfecta and Cutout Maker Together To Make A Detailed Project

Both the Perfecta and the Cutout Maker together have helped many elementary schools excel in school spirit and increased student learning with the use of fun shapes and designs. The Cutout Maker enables those in education to engage with both visual and kinesthetic learners, and the Perfecta allows small designs to come to life in a large poster format.

Here is an example that uses both the Perfecta and the Cutout Maker to make a large design that encourages students to continue reading:

football final


Using both the Perfecta and Cutout Maker isn’t the only way you can make your classroom pop. Other VariQuest tools can help to increase school spirit through printing, cutting, and design.

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