In today’s working environment, conference rooms have become a staple for nearly every office blueprint. As a space that can hold between 10-12 people, conference rooms are a great way to host team meetings, conduct presentations, and hold virtual conversations. Conference rooms are where business ideas are formed and crucial decisions are made. It is important that your conference room sparks excitement and is equipped with systems designed and built to increase conference room productivity. In this blog, we will uncover five AV solutions that will help increase your conference room productivity, while empowering your employees with the tools they need to be successful in any meeting or presentation.

1) Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing is something that people engage in every day and is a solution more organizations are looking to implement into their conference rooms. With employees spending nearly 80% of their time collaborating with colleagues in meetings, over the phone, and through email, it is important the technology implemented in a conference room is easy to use, efficient and reliable. Knowing that video conferencing technology is one of the fastest-growing ways organizations are communicating these days goes to show that it is key for businesses to have a user-friendly VTC (Video Teleconferencing) platform set up in their conference room for their employees to meet, collaborate and present from. With enhanced video conferencing solutions, remote workers can tune into a room and feel as though they are in the space, rather than miles away. A combination of audiovisual technology makes it easy for people to join large meetings of over 10 people and still interact with the speaker. The use of different video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Skype For Business, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts, is implemented into the video technology, making video conferencing a seamless audiovisual experience and solution for the end-user. Implementing video conferencing into your conference room is the first step to providing a more enjoyable experience for your employees and customers.

2) Audio Conferencing Solutions

While an audio conference call can be made using a Polycom phone or basic cell phone, it is important to consider that in a large conference room, a single device will not have the capacity to absorb the full audio experience. Rather than having a physical phone in the room, having your conference room serve as the phone brings an audio experience that is fully integrated with equipment prepared for all types of conferencing solutions. Microphones and speakers that fill the needs of a large room will make remote workers feel they are present in the conference room, even without video. Audio equipment is a great tool to help your team easily communicate with one another.

3) Presentation Solutions

Presentation quality is a crucial component to the success of sales pitches and team meetings, and it is important that your time spent preparing for a presentation stays productive. Dealing with technical difficulties can often derail a presentation, leading to time being spent inefficiently. Seamlessness is key to a successful presentation. Having a fully-integrated display, such as an interactive touch screen like the Microsoft Surface Hub or Avocor, that is able to connect effortlessly and display your work in a timely manner keeps people engaged while delivering an overall successful presentation.

4) Room Control Solutions

Having a room control system that activates different settings right from your hand, such as the display and volume, allows for a simplistic experience for the consumer. Room features like the display, audio, lighting, shades, or HVAC, can all be controlled through one room remote control system, creating an effortless conference room experience. A user-friendly system brings a simpler experience for the end-user that can save time for productivity in a conference room.

5) Integrated Technology

Audiovisual technology built into office furniture is an innovative way to create collaborative spaces while keeping your conference room productivity high. Having built-in AV solutions such as plug-in capabilities within the table allows for end-users to quickly display the content from their computers to the big screen in a matter of seconds. Another way to integrate your furniture and AV technology would be to store the AV equipment straight in to the credenza or legs of the conference table, in order to alleviate the distractions of blinking lights and cords. Installing a display monitor directly in to a credenza is another way to display your technology, allowing for flexible use throughout the room.

Creating a collaborative space requires a smart design to fully impact the user experience while increasing workplace productivity. Having a systems in place that sets your team up for success is crucial to daily productivity, functionality, and overall office collaboration.


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