Creating a safe meeting room environment has never been as important as it is today for enterprise businesses. Providing employees with the reassurance they need to safely return to work will ensure a smooth transition as businesses begin to reopen their doors and people begin to meet in-person again.

In the effort to help organizations reopen their business safely, Spinitar’s systems designer, Shaun Devault, shares five tips on how to create a safe meeting room environment within the workplace.   

    1. Integrate touchless technology  -- Touchless technology provides end-users with a safe meeting room environment. Through the use of occupancy sensors, end-users can automate the power of the room based on entering and exiting the room, eliminating the need to come in contact with multiple devices, buttons and switches. When touchless technology is integrated within the workplace, the lifetime of the display(s) will be extended, saving costs in electricity, while providing an automated, touchless, room experience for the end-users.


    2. Introduce wireless presentation technology -- Wireless presentation technology continues the touchless environment, allowing the end-user to present to the room wirelessly and connect to the room's USB peripherals. When connected wirelessly, end-users will experience a continued touchless UC environment.


    3. Display digital signage -- Digital signage can play into any space and allows businesses the opportunity to advertise, communicate important messaging, such as social distancing reminders, as well as promote their brand, and much more. Digital signage has become a staple in almost every business and continues to be an innovative way organizations communicate with internal and external visitors.


    4. Bring your own device or bring your own meeting -- BYOD/BYOM allows the end-user to bring in their personal device and connect to the system wirelessly for presentation. This concept requires no interaction with the organization's internal system, and provides the end-user flexibility and minimal exposure when in need of presenting to a group.


    5. Workplace analytics -- workplace analytics are crucial to having insight into the use of the organization's AV system and can provide intel on whether or not end-users are abiding by their organizations Covid-19 guidelines. Through workplace analytics, businesses can track the data and usage of the system and its device(s). Having insight into the analytics can lead to higher productivity and refinement to the AV system in a current and future AV room. 

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To learn more about how you can create a safe meeting room environment at your workplace, contact us.