The days of chalk dust and spiral notebooks are over. Now, laptops, LCD projectors and instant online access to course materials are the norm. If you are in higher education and not focusing on key issues such as online learning, cutting edge technologies and next-generation learning environments, your institution could be falling behind. Audiovisual equipment is changing the landscape for professors and administrators at colleges and universities, and the need for AV technology is growing rapidly, but implementing AV technologies is not the end of the road. Audiovisual maintenance for higher education environments is essential for protecting your AV investment.

Audiovisual Tools for Higher Education

Today’s universities and colleges are using all sorts of audiovisual tools to enhance their students’ learning experience whether they are in the classroom, auditorium, athletic facilities, library/information centers, computer labs and any other areas within campus. Audiovisual technology is essential to promoting engagement and delivering learning experiences that leave a lasting impression. Stunning AV experiences help higher education institutions to attract and retain great students and instructors.

Here is a list of audiovisual tools being used by colleges and universities today and their benefits:

  1. Instructional Technology: Classroom AV promotes engagement and delivers long lasting learning experiences.
  2. Digital Signage & Display Walls: Gorgeous displays help to bring higher education campuses to life.
  3. Collaboration Spaces: Having a space to work together helps students build real world skills that are valuable in the 21st century workforce by collaborating with peers on class assignments, community events and other projects.
  4. 4K UHD Solutions: Visuals are key to creating a comprehensive educational environment in today’s classrooms.
  5. Lecture Capture: In today’s high technology, always-on environment, students and teachers crave the ability to successfully share lecture materials outside of the classroom.
  6. Streaming Media: Reaching out to students with rich media relevant to lectures and classroom instruction is a great way to drive learning that lasts.
  7. Green Media: Going green means offering solutions that use less power and take up less resources than traditional AV technology.

Audiovisual Maintenance for Higher Education Environments

Especially in a learning environment where thousands of students, faculty and staff members are expecting a seamless experience, carrying out regular maintenance of audiovisual equipment is essential. Without proper maintenance, audiovisual equipment will be a lot more prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to greater expenditures, amid the  disaster of wasted time, or ineffectual learning spaces. Don’t be the one who will be blamed when a classroom’s AV equipment malfunctions due to a forgotten maintenance task. If how to properly maintain your audio visual equipment is ever a question, AV service & support agreements will ensure your equipment remains in good working condition, especially when communication is at the core of your organization. It’s a proven fact that it is much more cost effective to maintain your audio-video equipment on a regular basis than having to repair or replace system components.

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