The prevalence of virtual work environments has increased dramatically over the last year. As a result, many companies have invested in remote technologies to improve collaboration and workplace efficiency. 

A global consumer products company that produces hardware, appliances, locks, pet products and more—Spectrum Brands is focused on creating interpersonal collaborative environments for employees. However, they recently discovered that much of their technology was outdated and limited workplace effectiveness.

Spinitar and Spectrum Brands partnered together to develop hybrid work environments to improve collaboration between in-office and remote employees. Let’s take a look at how Spinitar was able to meet the needs of Spectrum Brands using modern audiovisual solutions.

Challenges with Existing Technologies

Many of Spectrum Brands’ existing technologies were several years old causing employees to become frustrated and disengaged. To improve productivity, Spectrum Brands contacted Spinitar to design and implement newly updated audiovisual communication tools.

To better support the needs of in-office and remote employees, here’s some of the challenges Spinitar worked to resolve:

  • Outdated meeting room technology
  • Disorganized workspaces 
  • Worn out connector cables and broken pins
  • Outdated designs, lacking modern appeal

Spectrum Brands sought to create modernized meeting rooms designed for functionality, clean aesthetics, and fast troubleshooting of any issues that might arise.

The Approach to Facilitating Better Employee Collaboration

For a company that supports hybrid in-person and remote environments, Spinitar integrated a wide range of technologies including built-in features like cameras, microphones, speakers, large shared displays, and individual displays. To facilitate better company collaboration and meeting productivity, Spinitar implemented Microsoft Teams allowing remote employees to join meetings seamlessly. 

Creating Hybrid Work Solutions

As Spectrum Brands transitioned from in-office to hybrid environments—Spinitar developed  high-quality audiovisual solutions that were both functional and minimal. 

Using fully wireless and touchless room technologies, Spectrum Brands now efficiently operates from any location in the world. The newly inspired tech-infused rooms surpassed the expectations of Spectrum Brand leaders due to top-notch support from Spinitar.

spectrum brands case study