The process to integrate a new audiovisual system at a state or federal government agency doesn't have to be a daunting task. Through the use of government contract vehicles, government entities have the ability to streamline the procurement process of goods and services needed to fulfill their AV project requirements. 

In this blog, we will uncover the benefits of using a government contract vehicle to procure AV equipment and services, as well as explore the different types of contracts available and how organizations can rely on them to ease the vetting process.  

3 Key Benefits of Using a Government Contract Vehicle:

Knowing the benefits of using a government contract vehicle for an audio, video installation project is the first step toward feeling  confident about the procurement process of your AV project. Let’s explore three benefits of using a government contract vehicle to implement the use of audiovisual technology within a government organization.

  1. Pre-Approved Industry Standards:  Rest assured when purchasing goods and services via a contract vehicle. Today, a large portion of all public sector business procures their materials via some sort of contract vehicle. When there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, don’t.

  2. Skip the bid process. Government procurement contracts allow agencies to award a project, good(s), or service(s) without having to go to bid. When given the opportunity to skip the bid process, agencies are able to purchase directly from a contract holding firm, shortening the lengthy bidding process.
  3. Pre-approved solutions. The majority of equipment and services provided via a purchasing contract vehicle are pre-approved and deemed compliant for multiple government users. This can eliminate the process of internal research, allowing buyers to feel good about their purchase(s) knowing the equipment and services have already been thoroughly vetted. 

Why Do Government Agencies Use Contract Vehicles for Procurement?

Now that we know the benefits of using a government contract vehicle for an AV installation project, let’s explore three reasons why institutions are using them. 

  1. Streamline procurement process. Government contract vehicles allow agencies to alleviate the headache of procuring equipment and services, allowing them the opportunity to streamline the information gathering and vetting process.  Further, cost analysis becomes much easier with pre-negotiated rates for equipment and labor. 

  2. Peace of Mind. The act of purchasing from qualified, pre-approved suppliers provides peace of mind for the government buyer. 

  3. Save Time. When an end-user is not sure where to start when looking to invest in an audiovisual, unified communication, video teleconference, or cloud service solution, buyers can save time through the use of a contract vehicle. This can be done by simply searching a NAICS code and seeing which contract holding firm(s) provides the required services.  In some cases, this can be done by searching for which vendors are dealers for certain manufactures.

Types of Government Contract Vehicles:

While the conditions of government contract vehicles vary from state-to-state, the convenience of using them remains the same. Let’s explore some of the state and federal contracts that Spinitar is affiliated with:

  • CMAS -- California Multiple Award Schedules
    • CMAS is a purchasing tool for state, county, and city-level governments within the state of California.  This contract allows for buyers of the aforementioned groups to streamline purchases of  goods and services from contract holding firms.  Spinitar’s GSA contract is the basis of award for one of our CMAS contracts.     

  • GSA -- General Services Administration
    • A GSA contract is also known as a multiple award schedule (MAS) of federal supply schedule that is issued over a long-term period.  Government agencies are able to source goods and services via pre-negotiated rates from private sector contract holders. GSA schedules give government buyers access to millions of services and products at competitive rates by vetted and pre-approved suppliers.  As it relates to Spinitar partners, GSA allows the government to purchase commodities via GSA Advantage, as well as full-unified communication and audio visual systems as an integrated solution. 

  • AZ State Purchasing Contract-- AZ/State
    • The Arizona State Purchasing Contract is a vehicle for state agencies in Arizona to purchase goods and services from contract holder vendors. Contract holders offer peace of mind to buyers that the firms holding the contract have been vetted and qualified by the state of Arizona.  Buyers of this contract include state agencies (law enforcement, universities) and co-op members (city/county governments and school districts).

  • NCPA -- National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance
    • This is a SYNNEX purchasing cooperative available to government entities nationwide. Cooperative purchasing is when an entity goes through a complete bid process that results in a competitive bid contract from which other entities may “piggyback” off of. This process consists of two or more entities purchasing from the same supplier using a single contract award. The cooperative organization then promotes this contract nationwide for use by other agencies.
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How to Choose a Government AV Integrator: 

Finding an integrator who has experience in managing government AV projects through the form of a contract vehicle is key to feeling confident about your government AV project. 

Since 2003, Spinitar has become accustomed with the process of their clients procuring goods and services through the form of a government contract vehicle. Spinitar’s years of experience make them a qualified government AV integration partner for those in need of access to multiple channels of procurement. 

With a long-standing history of success in government AV installation projects, Spinitar is able to add value for new and existing customers by offering convenience and cost saving measures to ensure a long-term relationship.  

In 2020 alone, Spinitar sold millions of dollars in audiovisual equipment and services via GSA, CMAS and the Arizona State Purchasing Contract.  

For more information about how to utilize a government contract vehicle on your next government AV project, please request a consultation.  

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