Through the use of modern technology and an indoor park atmosphere, Carnival Cruise Line in Long Beach California turned their terminal in to a storybook Southern California experience for cruising passengers.

The historic dome, formerly home to the Spruce Goose seaplane, is now exclusively operated by the world's most popular cruise line, Carnival Cruise Line. The geodesic dome structure recently underwent a renovation, which included adding on nearly 60,000 square feet of operation.

The expansion and integration of modern AV technology allows for a seamless embarking and debarking process for thousands of passengers per day, resulting in an overall ease of flow throughout the terminal.

In need of a redesign, Carnival Cruise Line turned to their primary AV design consultant, Nautilus Entertainment Designs, to gather the best teams qualified to meet Carnival’s needs. With a timeline of less than three months to complete, Spinitar was brought in to implement a high-quality, well-functioning, audiovisual system that terminal staff and cruise-goers could rely on.

Modern digital signage, audio, and display solutions would play a significant role in the Carnival Cruise Line client-to-customer interaction.

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