At the end of 2017, Carnival Cruise Line took on a project to expand and enhance one of Carnival’s highest traffic cruise terminals, located in Long Beach, CA. The project consisted of a full terminal redesign and build that would offer guests a land-to-sea experience, while providing way-finding displays to help navigate visitors to their embarkation platforms. As inspiration to the design, the company incorporated highlights of the Spruce Goose, a Howard Hughes seaplane that used to reside in the space.

Spinitar implemented a full audiovisual integration, outfitting the terminal with LCD displays, digital signage, content players, and audio speakers. Spinitar collaborated with the cruise line and all other project manufacturers, including Nautilus Entertainment Designs, to bring phase I of the project to completion within 3 months for the terminal grand reopening. During Phase II, display and video input features were added to security and conference rooms.

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