As companies return to the workplace, it’s important to realize that professional settings will look and feel different than in times past. Conference rooms, shared offices and common areas will have fewer chairs, stricter health regulations, and lower occupancy.

With more of a hybrid-based approach in mind, companies should develop collaborative environments that are both safe and productive. Spinitar has identified key areas that designers should focus on to facilitate effective workspace environments in the years to come.

Being prepared for the future of office spaces is critical in today’s hybrid technology age. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the ways your company can enhance office spaces using the help of Spinitar’s modern AV solutions. 

The Future of Workspaces

With occupancy limitations and a higher percentage of employees being remote—it’s critical to create physical spaces that are multifunctional and engaging. Optimizing these spaces should remain a top priority since many conference rooms and other shared areas will have capacity restraints. 

Giant corporate campuses filled with amenities and social-friendly environments will likely be replaced with hybrid spaces that limit social interaction. Although it may take some getting used to—corporate infrastructures should remain focused on enhancing technology as a means of establishing connectedness amongst employees.

Hybrid Technologies

With the majority of professional employees being offsite in some capacity—conferencing spaces must be designed using seamless AV technology that stimulates participation and cooperation. Using state-of-the-art AV—Spinitar will empower your organization with the tools needed to thrive in today’s modern hybrid workspace. 

Installation of displays, cameras, and microphones in conference spaces will encourage knowledge-sharing, teaming, and unity within organizations. Spinitar knows that a hybrid approach to office creation will drive positive corporate culture and productivity. If your organization needs to take the first step towards redesigning a modern office space —look no further than Spinitar.

Come Back to the Office with Spinitar

The success of a hybrid workplace is dependent upon using flexible technology designed to encourage productivity in safe and welcoming environments. 

Spinitar is helping customers safely transition to the workplace.  We’ll show you how your company can use automation and video conferencing services to enhance collaboration amongst remote and in-office employees. 

For more on how Spinitar can create customized digital solutions for your organization, be sure to download our free lookbook. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your company is prepared for the future of professional office spaces.


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