Companies that regularly refresh their AV technology solutions often achieve greater efficiency among their employees. As businesses transition back to in-person work, it is crucial to consider different ways to provide a comfortable work environment that can boost the employee experience in the office. 

Hybrid Conferencing Trends 

  • Meeting Equity
  • Repeatable Success
  • Adaptability
  • Reliability
  • Familiarity

Conferencing has changed perpetually, and businesses that cultivate a culture of belongingness with transformational workplace experiences guarantee that employees feel valued. When employees feel appreciated, it could improve productivity, wellness, work quality, morale, and engagement. Employees feel valued when employers genuinely try to improve communication, offer team-building activities, and provide wellness opportunities.

Small Conference Rooms

It is essential to accommodate technology to function seamlessly between people physically in the office and those working remotely. Conference room designs must be able to work for various in-person to remote attendee ratios using technology that approximates the 1:1 experience we have all had while remote conferencing. Without adjusting to these changes, companies risk losing employees working remotely to companies willing to provide a more collaborative environment. 

Impromptu Meeting Spaces

People realize the need for impromptu meeting spaces for brainstorming sessions with colleagues. There is a trend toward repurposing private meeting rooms and offices as videoconferencing spaces that need acoustic privacy. The experience could be upgraded with smart speakers, rolling walls, and directional sound masking. Investing in reliable, high-quality audio should be considered when designing these open conference spaces.

Medium to Large Conference Rooms

As people return to the office, audiovisual technology has more influence in medium to large conferencing environments. This equipment must deliver equitable meeting experiences for those working remotely and those present in the office. Large rooms require large solutions to display necessary information while keeping everyone within the audio and video range. 


Companies should equip boardrooms with AV technology installed with the best audio and video communication, so quarterly reports and town hall presentations can carry on without any issues. Boardrooms make an impression with a wow factor that reinforces the company's culture and values.

Training Rooms

Training rooms conceivably have the biggest AV challenges in a hybrid workforce environment. Adding remote capabilities to training environments requires collaboration solutions that keep everyone on the same level of interaction regardless of how dispersed the team might be.

Come Back to the Office with Spinitar

A successful hybrid workplace depends on using flexible technology to encourage productivity among various individuals. Your office space must reflect how your employees work whether working in the office, remote, or a combination of both.

In partnership with Legrand | AV, Spinitar can show you how to upgrade the employee experience and collaboration amongst remote and in-office employees. Discover how your company can implement the latest AV technology trends with customized digital solutions for your organization. 

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