Spinitar’s Visual Products Group sales manager, Scott Noerenberg, explains how VariQuest learning tools can transform your school. 

WATCH NOW: How VariQuest Learning Tools Can Transform Your School

VariQuest’s suite of visual and kinesthetic learning tools can benefit your school, transform your classrooms, and ultimately give teachers and students the resources they need to be successful.

Since 1983, VariQuest has been supporting  K-12 schools with solutions that enhance the student learning experience. Created by educators for educators, VariQuest is a leader in content creation to support visual aids, manipulatives, engagement and recognition, and fundraising in both the classroom and across campus.

Design Center 

The VariQuest tools provide teachers and faculty access to more than 22,000 templates and designs via the exclusive Design Center software, where end-users can easily create supporting material for an individual, a classroom, or a campus-wide project. Users have the ability to create full-color posters, cutout manipulatives, custom bulletin boards, and recognition awards on the spot. They can pick a template and go, or create their own with simple drag and drop selections. The software acts fast and is easy to use.

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Benefits of Owning a VariQuest Product

In addition to their proven track record and ability to deliver thousands of pre-designed educational templates, users of VariQuest tools can create custom pieces, tailored toward specific school initiatives, activities, and events. Some examples include supporting a PBIS character education program, fundraising programs, and community activities like concerts and sports. The options of what can be created when using VariQuest tools are endless. 

How a School Can Purchase a Variquest Tool

Purchasing VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools doesn’t have to be a daunting task – there are a number of funding sources and grants available, in addition to general school budgets. Some examples include federal programs like Title 1 & 4, IDEA, and Perkins CTE programs, as well as current pandemic recovery programs like the CARES Act, GEER, and more.  After helping thousands of schools purchase and implement the VariQuest suite in their workrooms, we're happy to simplify this process with you!

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