Learning to set goals is empowering and critical to student success in school and beyond the classroom. When students play an active role in the learning process, it can make a lasting impact on how they view and change the world!

This article will reveal how your students can set goals and create vision boards using ideas and activities made with the award-winning VariQuest suite. As the new year unfolds, teachers can do these fun exercises with students and promote the visualization of becoming the best version of themselves. 

SMART Goal-Setting

Setting goals can help students identify realistic steps to achieve their desired results. Many educators have discovered that using the SMART format—specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals—is practical and keeps students on track.

Identifying goals helps children build communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence. When they can reach their goals, they are more inclined to believe in their abilities and more likely to set new goals.

A “My Goals for the New Year” template is now available on the VariQuest Resource Center, which customers can access and download to help students set goals for kindness, health, and education. This graphic can be customized and decorated to boost creativity and mindfulness among your students. You also have the option to print this as a poster on the VariQuest® Perfecta® Poster Design System for student displays or as handouts to keep in journals or take-home folders!

Children can learn critical life skills like planning, organizing, and managing time effectively when they get in the habit of setting and tracking their goals. As they take more responsibility for themselves, they can learn how their actions determine outcomes.

For more tips on cultivating a growth mindset, please read about how students can use visual schedule cards to manage their priorities and track their progress.

Creating a Vision Board

A vision board is a visualization tool that encourages students to focus on what they want to accomplish academically or personally. When students can picture the possibility of future success, they are more likely to be motivated and do what it takes to pursue their goals. 

Visualization involves constructing a mental image of a future event, which becomes a reality when the actions are physically performed with intention. Creating a vision board helps students visualize attainable goals through a colorful, exciting, and unique collage of pictures and words. It serves as an inspiration and a daily reminder of their ambitions, encouraging them to be intentional with their time and decisions.  

VariQuest customers can download this corkboard template for free on the VariQuest Resource Center, where students can brainstorm ideas and organize their goals. 

Using the VariQuest suite, educators can create practical and fun vision boards with students in the classroom. Watch this video for tips and a demonstration showing how to use the VariQuest Perfecta® Poster Design System, Cutout Maker 1800, and Motiva® 400 Specialty Printer with the VariQuest Design Software and Engage Every Learner Content. 

Help Students Reach Their Goals with VariQuest

When students practice visualizing success, they can see the end goal and envision the steps required for them to get there. Using the VariQuest suite, teachers can help motivate their students to set clear goals for the year ahead!

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