As a worldwide leader in audio, visual, and communication solutions — Spinitar has been focused on using a ‘services first’ approach for designing, building, and supporting high-performance work and learning environments for customers since 1986. 

Our customer success team provides a forward-thinking approach for tackling AV technology issues using fully integrated video and voice helpdesk products. In conjunction with our existing stack of success services, Spinitar has debuted a new product known as HelpPoint+™.

As a new solution, HelpPoint+ allows customers to utilize and maximize AV investments. Using instant information and live support — HelpPoint+ is a system that offers assistance tailored to seamlessly fit within your environment.

What is HelpPoint+?

As a scalable on-site document repository and web-based application — HelpPoint+ is a fully integrated video/voice helpdesk customer service designed to fit within your organizational infrastructure. HelpPoint+ provides instant support for nearly every technology while offering a wide-based realm of features catered to meet business needs.

HelpPoint+ can empower employees using easy-to-use support functionality. We help increase IT department efficiencies through the adoption of our impactful success services. 

The key benefits of using HelpPoint+ AV support solutions include:

  • Instant support information catered specifically to specific spaces and devices
  • Maximized uptime of your AV technologies
  • Virtual concierge service with live video capabilities
  • Enhancement of overall employee experience
  • Increase AV investment adoption and ROI

Using a system that offers space-specific customer support— HelpPoint+ is designed to become seamlessly integrated within almost any business environment.

Who Is Able to Use HelpPoint+?

Created as an instant helpdesk platform—HelpPoint+ was created for organizations that seek to empower their employees through improved operational workflows. Using a system that offers unparalleled customer service, HelpPoint+™ provides instant video support that can be utilized by corporations and businesses worldwide. 

AV technologies can provide challenges to all types of organizations. Many companies lack the IT resources necessary for handling problems on the fly. HelpPoint+ provides flexibly based solutions that educate and support employees every step of the way. 

Unlike other IT-based services HelpPoint+ doesn’t simply offer software—we utilize an educational-based approach that includes introductory services, demos, pilot testing, and ongoing consultative services. 

HelpPoint+ can be used in a number of functions including:

  • Meeting/conference rooms
  • Huddle spaces
  • Equipment racks
  • Classrooms
  • Informational kiosks
  • Individual devices

There’s no limit to the capabilities HelpPoint+ has to offer. With space-specific user guides, installation instructions, and how-to-videos—anyone can setup HelpPoint+ regardless of previous technical experience. 

How HelpPoint+ Works with Your IT Department

As an extension of your current IT department—HelpPoint+ provides flexible solutions designed to meet the needs of any organization. HelpPoint+ maximizes the uptime of your existing AV technologies while offering solutions that operate alongside current IT infrastructures.

HelpPoint+ offers various managed solutions designed to meet your company goals and objectives including:

  • Fully managed solution: offers fully functional solutions that use information portals along with the Spinitar helpdesk. This option provides the most comprehensive AV functionality designed to handle complex technical issues while providing live feedback and support.
  • Partially managed solution: offers informational portals along with Spinitar helpdesk support delegated to tier 2 status. Initial calls are received by the customer helpdesk and transferred if needed.
  • Customer managed solution: customer maintains their own HelpPoint+ portal and helpdesk using the support of their current IT team.

Each of these solutions can be tailored to meet specific institutional needs. Whether your business is a small family-owned operation or a corporate conglomerate— HelpPoint+ can provide the AV support needed to tackle technological challenges.

Let Spinitar Manage Your AV Solutions

Many companies struggle to provide their employees with the support needed to operate complex audiovisual systems. Allocating the IT resources necessary for handling ongoing problems can be both a financial burden and a logistical nightmare.

HelpPoint+ can help ease your frustrations by offering managed solutions that work side-by-side with your current IT department. 

Spinitar’s HelpPoint+ was created as a solution designed to help empower employees while elevating their effectiveness within your organization. As a scalable on-site document repository and web-application with fully integrated video/voice helpdesk functionality—HelpPoint+ was created as a specific customer support portal designed to work seamlessly with your business.

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