Advancements in audio visual technology present unique challenges in the corporate setting. On one hand, users may have trouble adopting a new solution, but, if the proper training is in place, new technologies can improve the ways in which end users work on a daily basis. Making audiovisual and technology intuitive and engaging means a more desirable end user experience that can help organizations deliver results.  

The Employee User Experience

User experience is a phrase primarily used in the context of digital technology, like apps and software, but it also applies to hardware, like interactive screens. It is just what it sounds like - the experience of a user - and it is largely subjective, as it depends on individual user preferences. However, user experience does include some elements of objectivity. This small set of objective criteria helps technology designers and developers define their strategies when working on corporate audiovisual technolgies.

Some of the principal components of user experience are:

  • Usability - How effective is a product or software design in terms of ease of use?
  • Accessibility - How easy is it to access information?
  • Design - How convenient is the product design?
  • Ergonomics - How does the product feel physically?
  • Utility - How useful is the product for completing necessary task?

All of the above interact with the emotional connection the user establishes with the product. This helps to achieve the complete positive user experience.

Why is User Experience Important When Adopting New Technology?

Engaging your audience helps you establish a definite advantage over your competition. It also indicates whether your customers will return to use your service. Jesse James Garrett,  Co-Founder of Adaptive Paths, a strategy and design firm, suggests that human engagement is the obvious goal and human experience the clear outcome of the whole exercise of user experience. Garrett’s thoughts proved to be correct, as the quality of interactions a user experiences with a product helps to define their level of engagement. User engagement is a crucial factor in employee productivity.

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