Technology can have a profound impact on employee productivity. As companies grow and expand—they must be able to provide the professional accommodations needed to succeed in all workspaces regardless of location. Today’s changing office environments requires companies to cater to the needs of both in-office and remote employees. Implementing advanced technologies can help to establish a cohesive company culture for all employees.

Adaptation is required for sustained business growth and success. Failure to implement adequate technological innovations can make employees less productive while wasting valuable human resources.

Using Modern Innovation to Fuel Employee Productivity

Technology can be a tremendous tool for driving productivity and efficiency within organizations. As company cultures continue to shift towards remote operations—implementing technological advancements that cater to the needs of all employees is critical.

Many organizations suffer from outdated technologies and ineffective workplace infrastructures. As more employees now work from home—placing a heightened emphasis on a dedicated remote workforce is more important than ever. 

The beauty of innovation lies in it’s distinct ability to create positive workplace culture with the help of modern technology. Let’s take a look at how one company used stylistic aesthetics and innovation to establish a collaborative office culture.

A Company’s Growing Pains Help Create Roadmap for the Future

Happy Money is a fintech company that has helped individuals improve their financial habits since 2009. The business recently underwent a massive physical expansion to accommodate the organization’s continued growth and development. As part of their strategic approach—they aimed to design an optimal workplace environment to improve employee creativity and morale.

Prior to expansion, existing equipment lacked the technical capabilities needed for organizational growth. Microphones and insufficient hardware caused employees to become frustrated with menial tasks. Lack of continuity amongst technologies created additional stresses for employees and leadership alike. 

Remote employees also suffered from a lack of collaboration with in-office workers. Happy Money sought to develop innovative solutions that would encourage a communicative environment for all employees. They hoped that technology could help to establish a workplace environment suitable for continued growth and success.

Spinitar was able to use their years of AV integration experience to step in and create highly functional yet sophisticated and innovative technological solutions. 

A Modern Technology Success Story

With assistance from Spinitar—Happy Money sought to create a simplistic stylistic environment that would scale with company maturation. As an experienced AV industry specialist—Spinitar worked alongside Happy Money to improve office technologies for both in-office and remote employees.

Using a minimalistic program design and advanced AV solutions—Spinitar implemented a number of new technologies in the building including:

  • New and improved all-hands area consisting of line array speakers, wireless microphones and a 4×4 LED Video wall
  • Plug and play technology with friendly, easy-to-use interfaces
  • Web camera technology with updated LED displays and monitoring systems
  • PA communication systems that would allow the company to share critical information to employees such as announcements and upcoming events
  • Easily synced technology solutions

These new technological capabilities have allowed Happy Money to enhance workplace settings for employees allowing them to conduct and host important meetings, make internal announcements, and even host after work events. The newly added innovations have also helped to facilitate collaboration and communication amongst remote and in-office employees.

The following technologies were implemented throughout the Happy Money office space facility including:

  • 19 huddle rooms
  • 2 interview rooms
  • All hands area
  • Large conference room
  • Experience center
  • Training rooms and much more

With the help of several top notch manufacturers—Spinitar was able to completely transform the workplace environment using digital technology and innovation.

The Final Product

The new high quality technologies provided by Spinitar helped Happy Money create an improved professional atmosphere for remote and in-office employees. Focusing on collaborative efforts—Happy Money was able to implement technological solutions that allowed remote employees to be easily integrated into company growth objectives. 

The various types of technology created a happier workspace for both remote and in-office employees. Spinitar’s dedication along with Happy Money’s distinct vision facilitated a blueprint to help develop a roadmap for future success. 

As a result, productivity has improved for all employees regardless of physical location. Using modern day technology and minimalistic office designs—all team members are now able to function with maximum productivity and efficiency.

“Throughout the whole project, Spinitar was kind, promptly answered all of our questions, were personable, and problem solved along the way. We’re excited for the role the technology will play in the new office.” - Lauren Cissel, SR. Manager of People Experience at Happy Money 

For additional information about how Happy Money transformed company culture with the help of Spinitar—be sure to check out our recent case study to learn more.

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