Video walls are becoming the sought-after approach to delivering information to the masses. With various ways to communicate messages and advertisements, digital signage is continuing to grow. No matter what your next audiovisual project entails, understanding the impact a video wall can have on your company's brand awareness is key to delivering a memorable experience to those passing by.

Enhance your company’s brand awareness and consumer engagement by considering these key factors:


Content is key when it comes to influencing your audience. LED walls are the canvas used to artistically convey engaging content that resonates with the consumer. Establishing a clear objective with the content you want to display will create a lasting impact on the end-user. Using quality digital content allows flexibility with what is displayed, as it can easily be swapped out as information changes; keeping content relevant and timely.


Location is everything. If your video wall is strategically placed in a high traffic area, you can ensure that more people will interact with its content, exposing them to your brand, messaging and advertisements. A stellar location is key to instilling the “WOW” factor in a video wall. Whether it’s in an office space, at a higher education campus, or in a government agency, determining the location and placement for a video wall is key to maximizing end-user engagement.


The size of your video wall can be tricky depending on location. Once the location is determined, you can ask yourself what the top priority of the wall is. Will this need to be a small display for students to see in an educational hallway, or does it need to be large enough to display artwork in the main lobby? LED technology is customizable to perfectly fit any wall within your space to ultimately display the messaging your team is looking to convey.

Check out these examples of different size video walls:



Creating engaging experiences for the viewer will ensure you keep them intrigued. Aside from curating captivating content, adding a camera for a personalized approach, or having touch panels that a user can take part in, makes a long-lasting experience that the user will remember. This lasting impression creates a sense of welcoming for the consumer, helping them resonate with your brand’s messaging.

After considering the placement and messaging of your video wall, your next step is to choose an integrator that will bring your ideas to life. If you are still exploring the positioning and communication you prefer, an audiovisual integrator has the tools and support when deciding on the best technology for your space.

By following these tips, your company can ensure a successful video wall and an engaging outcome that is both customer and company focused.

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