Data privacy is something that is consistently seen in the media and can be devastating for businesses that do not take it seriously. As data security concerns continue to be in the limelight, integrators are beginning to recognize the importance of implementing a secure IT infrastructure when designing an AV system.

As organizations continue to use and store data, privacy becomes a huge area of concern. How can AV integrators contribute to keeping their clients’ data protected? In this blog we will discover 5 tips on how to help keep data secure in the workplace. 

5 Tips to Keeping Data Secure In The Workplace: 

1. Policy: Organizations should have their own security processes in place that employees can review and understand. Having a clear written plan in place will encourage employees to speak up should a concern arise. 

2. Strategy: In order to maintain this policy, it is recommended to outsource the policy or share it with an internal IT team. Strategies should clearly describe the policy in place and how it will secure protected information, overcome any cyber threats, and continue to update employees on how to stay safe online during their everyday workflow.

3. Education: It is important to have employees continuously update their knowledge in the area of cyber threats. Hackers are always finding new ways to take advantage of businesses personal data. Keeping employees aware is crucial to preventing data hacking. A businesses cyber security goal should be to create policies that are ingrained in every employee's mind in order to keep data safe.

4. Device Management: Employees carry data on both their personal and work phones everywhere that they go. Employees using their personal devices to store work information poses a huge threat to a company’s cyber security. Businesses should encourage employees to have policies in place for mobile device management to protect data that leaves the office. Here are some easily applicable policies to consider to prevent cyber attacks on devices:

  • Keep anti-virus software current
  • Use mobile device management to monitor company data that leaves the workplace
  • Have a policy in place for misplaced or damaged company devices

5. Application: Sensitive data plays a crucial role in the day-to-day activities and it is important that such information stays secure. Having a policy, strategy, and educational plan in place as a consistent part of daily business, cyber attacks can be prevented and confidential information will stay secure.

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