Creating a synergistic relationship between mobility and brick and mortar AV solutions is critical in today’s fast-paced digital world. As such, our lives can be made easier using AV technology conveniently found on your handheld device. Spinitar remains focused on providing audiovisual business solutions in today’s demanding workspaces. With the help of Spinitar HelpPoint+, Biamp Crowd Mics, and the Crestron XPanel—life can be made easier when engaging with AV technology from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Lee Haffley, Account Manager for Spinitar, shared some valuable insights about how mobility and brick-and-mortar AV solutions can co-exist in the workplace.

How Mobility and Brick-and-Mortar AV Solutions Intersect


As your virtual concierge — HelpPoint+ provides end-user interaction without having to staff resource desks, information centers, etc. at multiple locations. As an easily accessible tool from your smartphone or tablet—HelpPoint+ enables custom wayfinding solutions while serving as an information warehouse and support system.

With an easy-to-use friendly interactive interface—HelpPoint+ provides help and responsive monitoring to expedite meetings and professional interactions. As a scalable on-site document repository and web app with fully integrated video/voice helpdesk technology—it’s designed to work seamlessly with your business and employee needs.

Biamp Crowd Mics

As a clever solution that allows you to use personal devices as a microphone and voting tablet in meetings, classrooms, and group gatherings—Crowd Mics keep professional settings free from dangerous pathogens. Simply load the app and push ‘request’ to talk before being granted permission from the moderator.

Empower event audiences to speak, text, and vote directly from their own smartphones. Create memorable and fun experiences that increase engagement and excitement. Crowd Mics is a free app that empowers attendees with great participation features including:

  • Voice
  • Polling
  • Text
  • Notifications

Meeting attendees can be up and running in absolutely no time with Biamp’s easy-to-use technology.

Crestron Control Panel App

The Crestron XPanel duplicates touchscreen controls of your AV room systems on your personal devices without having multiple people use the same touch panel. The technology allows for greater flexibility in the presentation space since the touch panel comes with you.

Easily take control of your chamber, boardroom, or classroom using the one device that can easily turn your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android device into the ultimate Crestron touch screen. 

How Technology Can Leverage the Power of Personal Devices

Each of these purposeful technologies can leverage the power of personal devices to enhance user experience, increase mobility, and decrease the need to use multiple devices in a room. 

At Spinitar, we remain committed to ensuring that mobility and brick and mortar solutions effectively intersect in today’s fast-paced technologically advanced world. Be sure to visit our website for more information.