Since 1986, Spinitar has become a leading systems design and integration firm with a "services first" approach, earning us a reputation as one of the industry's most respected audio, visual, and communication solutions and services firms. Our unique, industry-leading team approach improves customer retention and member accountability, ensuring the best end-user experience and success. 

Dedicated to investing in the finest talent and infrastructure to support our work, Spinitar's partnership with PSNI permits us to offer top-notch services and support worldwide. 

"Spinitar is proud to be a PSNI Certified Solutions Provider, further allowing us to deploy for our customers virtually anywhere in the world they might need AV installation &/or support services. As one of about 110 affiliates globally, the network offers best-in-class services using a defined and proven engagement process that assures complete customer satisfaction!" - Jeff Irvin, Spintar's founder and principal.

(PSNI 2022 Annual Meeting in Venice, Italy)

PSNI Global Deployment Certification

In 2019, Spinitar's leaders and executives received the Global Deployment Certification from the PSNI Board of Directors, establishing their position in the circle of trust.

The PSNI Global Alliance Global Deployment Certification is required for all alliance members, committing to the highest integrity of operation in the industry. It guarantees that customers will receive a standardized approach to service and integration, no matter where in the world their project is located.

Affiliates must be adequately licensed in provinces and states where they can carry out integrated solutions and offer technology products they are certified to use. With integrators on six continents and more than 170 offices around the world, PSNI Global Alliance is the fastest-growing private network of premier technology integrators and service providers.

Spinitar’s Global Advantage With PSNI

From the initial planning and designing to the final touches of installation and integration, PSNI is equipped with the most refined skills to improve operations at your facility. Whether you are upgrading a conference room with a touch panel, enhancing the audio system of a government agency, or implementing an LED video wall in a university hall— Spinitar guarantees successful client experiences globally with the assistance of PSNI.

Here's what you can expect with Spinitar and PSNI's partnership:

  • Ensure Safety and Security

Data security is critical to assess when looking for a trustworthy AV integrator. As technology rapidly changes and becomes more complex, Spinitar can help you secure valuable data that could expose your organization to significant risks and damage. 

PSNI professionals are experts in managing equipment with high-level AV security requirements, remaining informed with the latest updates in cybersecurity. On-site staff professionalism for seamless integration and future service/support is available at each location. 

  • Save Time and Money, Without Sacrificing Consistency

As experts with hundreds of years of combined experience in the AV industry, members of the PSNI network sought to acquire the best materials and optimize equipment that supports client objectives. At any location, we can deliver consistent wiring, design, products, software programming, and standards of care. 

PSNI integrators ask the right questions, understand interdependent technologies, and leverage the intellectual capital of the PSNI network to help each end-user maximize the potential of the technology integrated into each solution. They create outstanding results with a higher return on investment than a do-it-yourself project or hiring less qualified integrators.

Backed by a robust global network that can immediately expand its capabilities, reach, and resources, Spinitar can provide you with confidence and peace of mind about your investment. We share knowledge and resources, working together when a project's scope or geography requires collaborating with additional members!

  • Create Innovative Solutions that Deliver Better Outcomes

Thanks to PSNI’s unique collaborative structure, Spinitar can design some of the most creative and innovative solutions in the world. Affiliates are open to sharing information, ideas, and resources to make sure they are always on top of their game. 

Involved with product development and beta testing, they are updated with the latest trends in the AV industry and understand how to apply solutions to your organization’s desires (such as IoT, cybersecurity, mobility, efficient collaboration, and more). With the future diligently considered, you don’t have to worry about solutions that become prematurely obsolete! 

With remote monitoring capabilities and helpdesk offerings, PSNI integrators can help you retain the functionality and speed of your equipment whenever you need them.  They work just as hard post-installation as they do during initial design and installation. 

  • Quality Results that Exceed Your Expectations

PSNI affiliates are seasoned professionals who uphold their integrity as they identify and implement the right products for your needs. They are highly trained and educated with top industry certifications, committed to producing high-quality results by expected deadlines.

Adhering to ethical and high standards, PSNI thoroughly evaluates and considers customer satisfaction surveys. Affiliates have continuously received a 94% satisfaction rate for AV integration and service as we strive to ensure that client expectations are fulfilled or exceeded throughout the process.

Contact Spinitar to Learn More About Our Work Globally

Members of PSNI Global Alliance represent a true partnership, setting the bar in professionalism and excellence. They support one another by partnering across the network, sharing, and collaborating to provide the best outcomes for their end users.

Jeff Irvin stated that “PSNI recruits the very best CSP’s and SAP’s worldwide, backed by very strong relationships with our Preferred Vendor Partners, bringing together an integrated approach to advance communication and create exceptional customer experiences.  There is simply no other comparable association in the audiovisual industry!”

Check out our marketing manager, Katie Rogina, at the PSNI Marketing Summit 2022 in Covington, Kentucky! Accompanied by some of the AV industry’s top marketing professionals, guests in attendance got to experience a two-day event packed with valuable information and tools that will positively transform the proAV industry’s sales and marketing strategies for years to come.