Effective visual and kinesthetic learning on campus is more important today than ever before. With numerous educational resources to choose from, middle and high school students and parents heavily rely on ASB advisers to make the best decision when selecting learning tools for their campus. In this blog we will review four tips on how you can use Varitronics’ special features to C.A.R.E for your students visual and kinesthetic learning experience.


Gone are the days of stressing over poster making. With thousands of ready-to-use templates and graphics, VariQuest users can CREATE pre-designed announcements, awards, banners, and much more without hassle. Designed by educators, for educators, the customizable templates transform classroom and school common areas visually, adding value to every student’s learning experience.

Varitronics hosts free webinars and workshops for users to ATTEND and stay up-to-date on the uses of every resource. With technology constantly evolving, ongoing professional development resources are available to end-users to educate them on the benefits offered by visual and kinesthetic learning tools. Staying current on classroom trends is key to getting the most out of the tool(s) on campus so it’s important to attend a webinar or workshop when possible.

With VariQuest, educators will RECEIVE free post-sales training and support for all tool(s) purchased for the full lifespan of the tool. This way, users can utilize the tools to their maximum potential. This removes any uncertainty surrounding the product usage. Be sure to take advantage of the training and support programs offered to your school.

Get the most out of the visual tools on campus and EXPLORE VariQuest’s Design Center, packed with software to supplement your visual learning tools. Equipped with more than 2,000 curriculum-based poster, award, and flashcard templates, along with 5,000 graphics, this easy-to-use software was created to save educators time and resources when creating materials.

Knowing how to choose the right educational tool(s) for your school isn’t always easy. With these four tips in mind, your next Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Tool purchase should be an easy pick.

Interested in seeing how these tools can enhance your students visual and kinesthetic learning experience, request a demo today.

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