Choosing an AV design-build partner for your corporate, education, or government space can be overwhelming. Complexities abound, and your choice involves considerations of timelines, budgets, business goals and multiple competing needs of leaders and users. Who can you trust to help you design your unified communication systems, and audiovisual for meeting spaces, work areas and public zones? It can be complicated, but there are logical steps to take in order to choose the right AV design-build partner.

Your Partner Should Know How to Design Experiences That Align with Your Vision

First off, audiovisual systems design is about creating experiences that align with your organization’s strategy to deliver consistent messaging, finely-tuned learning experiences, and the most effective work environments possible. Taking the time to understand the overall concept of the AV design you are being presented with is key to being satisfied with the outcome. Most AV design-build concepts, if they are generated properly, will be based on conversations with leadership, technical teams, and end-users. If the concept doesn’t sound like it’s speaking directly to you, then you may want to consider other options. Your AV design should be built around you and your needs - plain and simple.

AV design-build partners need to do more than just hang up screens, they must deliver a winning concept and outline the scope of work of how they intend to bring the concept to life within your budget. At any time where you feel the scope of the project is flying away or is not within your budget, communicate! Communicate at all times in order to ensure your AV design is built according to your needs.

Implementing Your AV Design - The Build Part

Once the design is nailed, it is time to implement and integrate. Finding a partner with a track record of excellence is key. Make sure to look for case studies and client testimonials, or ask your AV design-build partner to provide references. Once integrated, you will want your AV design-build partner to complete the testing of systems and racks in-house as a quality control measure to eliminate waste and issues, ensuring a smooth onsite implementation. Do not let the project complete without ensuring proper testing occurs. Next, have a walk through of the final system along with your team to validate that the original expectations were met, and your communication and/or technology goals were achieved.

Find Exceptional Customer Service

In addition to the logistics involved in an AV design-build, there are ways in which customer service will save you when in need. This is really important to consider. What type of customer service does your AV design-build partner offer? You know you are on the right path when your partner's customer service includes quick, talented and caring professionals who are available to guide you through:

  • Maintenance & support agreements to help you stay on track
  • Enterprise adoption training
  • AV staffing agreements where service professionals work on-site at your location
  • Remote monitoring to ensure timely resolution of any problems that occur
  • Moves, adds, and changes as your needs progress
  • Emergency response planning
  • Manufacturer software & licensing management

Work With a Reputable AV Design-Build Partner

Most importantly, in order to make that well-rounded decision, research your prospects before making a final choice. Check the website of your potential partner, and read their client testimonials. Take a look at their overall client list and browse through images of their past projects. Past projects will help you see what type of experience your prospective partner has.

One helpful type of resource you may want to review are case studies, which you can find online in one quick search. Working with a reputable AV design-build partner is important. By doing a little research and getting one good look at exactly who your prospects are and what they can offer you from their process to customer service, you will save time and money, and ensure a successful project.

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