Multi-purpose meeting rooms are an ideal space to engage employees and create an inclusive community where large groups of people gather on a regular basis. Equipped with savvy technology, multipurpose rooms are designed to communicate important messaging and milestones during a meeting, in a cafetorium or at an event. Set among an open floor concept with flexible audiovisual equipment, multipurpose rooms allow for team building, training, congregation, and company-wide activities. Multi-purpose spaces are maximized with the use of flexible technology that enables smooth transitions and reliability during day-to-day activities, events, and meetings.

In this blog, we will uncover three must-have AV solutions needed to create an effective multi-purpose space within an office environment.

  1. When planning out the visual component of your multi-purpose space, the type of display chosen plays a crucial role. Whether this is a drop-down display paired with a projector, or a mobile display like an Avocor, Microsoft Surface Hub or Google Jamboard, choosing the right display will depend on the needs of the space. A projector and drop-down screen can be easily installed into the ceiling, allowing for easy access, while a mobile display can easily be rolled out of the room during a company party or event. Either display allows for your office to educate your audience, host presentations and utilize collaboration platforms.
  2. While considering the room’s audio, acoustics should be considered during the initial design. Once the right audio technology is chosen, the sound in the room will stay compressed during large parties, and be easily heard in large meetings and training. Having the right sound and microphone solutions implemented for your office space ensures employees in-house and remote can equally hear everyone in the room. Whether your company utilizes a wireless table microphone or an array of ceiling microphones throughout the room, sound plays a crucial role in getting employees involved and creating a successful meeting for those involved. 
  3. Lastly, incorporating a reliable collaborative platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams encourages participation from attendees present during a meeting. Having Zoom room capabilities in the event space allows for remote workers to dial-in and participate in real-time. During company meetings, remote participation is encouraged. Having the ability to see and understand what is happening during a meeting generates a flow of input from those in attendance and increases employee morale and excitement around the use of a multipurpose room.

There are a variety of benefits that come with implementing a multi-purpose space when the right audiovisual equipment is selected. In order to provide the best experience for those involved in a meeting or event, it is critical to involve an AV expert early on in the design stage of a new building or space to ensure the right technology is selected for your room. Choosing technology that can be easily modified and re-purposed will allow for flexible AV solutions when hosting a company-wide meeting, event, or luncheon.

Now that we understand how a multipurpose meeting room can be maximized through the use of reliable technology, such as displays, software platforms, and audio, discover how Spinitar can help you design and build your next multi-purpose space.

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