InfoComm International is the premier industry association for audiovisual professionals. Its Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification program is recognized as the leading AV professional credential. As an architect or designer wondering how to find a good Certified Technology Specialist, you may be wondering where to start. This blog post provides a few quick tips about how to find the right CTS for your corporate design project.

First Step is to Consider Your Needs

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Certified Technology Specialist for your project. Do you want a provider local to your area? Do you prefer a firm with expertise in the latest unified communication technologies, or are you more concerned with displays, or video walls? Consider your particular needs based on plans for your corporate design project. Finding an audiovisual integrator well-versed in working on a design-build basis with architects and designers is essential to ensuring your gorgeous design is also functional.

Find a Service Provider You Like

Good audiovisual companies have major track records of successful work. They should also have a stellar online presence that shows off their capabilities, including certifications like the CTS. Search your needs online, and you should come up with a few options of companies that meet your requirements. Download one of their case studies to get details on a real project the company has completed. Look for testimonials, awards, and expert content that help you understand if the integrator’s a possible fit.

Confirm CTS Status with InfoComm

Once you have identified your preferred AV integrator, talk with them about their personnel, and find out who may help to serve on the team that will help your architecture and design project come to life. Search InfoComm’s database to confirm his or her CTS status.

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