Imagine spending thousands of dollars on new technology for your company only to find out that no one in your organization is using it. Despite operating in a business world where IT and AV technology are heavily relied upon, organizations often neglect to effectively adopt and consume the technologies they invest in. With technology constantly advancing, many workers are left feeling intimidated, confused and frustrated by the advances, leaving them debilitated to perform work in a timely and effective manner. Such internal hesitation could be easily combatted with Enterprise Adoption Training.

To ensure a better end user experience, it is crucial that enterprise businesses take the initiative to educate users on how to adopt the tools provided to them in order to see a greater return from their employees and digital investments. In this blog we will explore what it means to initiate Enterprise Adoption Training within your organization and explain how it can benefit everyone, starting with the end user.

What is Enterprise Adoption Training?

Enterprise Adoption Training (EAT) is a combination of training services that focus on the adoption of technology (software, devices, rooms and systems) within a corporation, and allows end-users to adopt a company’s IT and AV infrastructure. Through initiating sufficient training, employees and staff gain thorough knowledge of how to utilize many tools, including proper operations of a device and/or platform, along with the ability to navigate through a company's unified communication system.

With consumer-use being a key objective in assessing the overall success of a tool, businesses are encouraged to offer training and support to all employees, new and old, in order to determine the usefulness of that tool within an organization. When provided with such training and support, end-users are more likely to engage with the technology available to them, making it easier to complete their day-to-day tasks efficiently and in less time.  

How to Initiate Enterprise Adoption Training

Since the flow of technology is rapidly evolving, it is important that businesses stay up-to-date on all software updates, product releases, and any other advances in technology throughout the duration of being in business. This means that it’s never too late to invest in training and support.

Whether kicking off a new project or enhancing the ROI of your current systems, EAT can easily be filtered into a company's everyday workflow, both virtually and in-person, individually and in groups.

Today, enterprise businesses are seeking such services to gain employee productivity, saving their organization time and money. Investing in such services can bring an entire corporation to understand the technology provided to them while eliminating employee downtime and frustration and replacing it with employee uptime and confidence.

Are you getting the most out of your technology? Download the Spinitar Enterprise Adoption Training Catalog to discover what training services would best fit your organization's needs. 

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