Spinitar customer success managers, Dianna Baker and Matthew Williams reveal how Spinitar’s support offerings can help ensure post-project success well after the conclusion of an audiovisual project.

WATCH NOW: How to Prepare your Organization for Post-Project Audiovisual Success

As a leading technology expert in audiovisual systems design and integration today, Spinitar prioritizes the “services first” approach for designing, building, and supporting high-performance work and learning environments. 

We offer our customers the best in AV design and solutions for your technology-enabled spaces, assuring better experiences and better outcomes for all participants. We also provide one of the largest in-house AV support teams in the Western United States to ensure that our customers remain satisfied once a project is complete.

Preparing your organization for after-project support is critical to your organization's return on investment. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. When audiovisual and communication technology goes down, productivity can be affected throughout your company or learning environment. 
  2. Working with an AV support team to create a post-project plan will increase employee buy-in and utilization of the space or spaces.
  3. Ultimately, this helps an organization take action to avoid potential system mishaps that could cause employee downtime, loss of learning opportunities, or lost revenue, while increasing your return on investment!

Some ways Spinitar can help your organization receive the support it needs once a project is wrapped:

  1. At Spinitar, our service and support credo is to provide a quick response from talented folks who care about you. 
  2. Quick - We offer onsite response times as quick as 4 business hours. We can also provide onsite staffing.
  3. Talented - Spinitar has the largest dedicated, in-house AV support team in the Western US, and each of our service professionals are manufacturer-trained and industry-certified. 
  4. Care -  Perhaps most importantly of all, Spinitar’s support staff truly cares about customer success. In fact, we’re known as a “customer-intimate” provider. Our support and service department is arranged so that our customer success managers, service coordinators and service technicians are dedicated to one thing – Caring for our customers by living out the Spinitar service credo.
  5. Last but not least, HelpPoint+ provides instant access to system information and a support technician via our video helpdesk.
  6. All of our support plans can be customized to fit your organization's exact needs. 

See how the HelpPoint+ allows customers to utilize and maximize AV investments, using instant information and live support to offer seamless assistance. 

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