Spinitar’s Regional Vice President of the Pacific, Kris Mosser, explains how to successfully test and commission an audiovisual system. 

WATCH NOW: How to Successfully Test and Commission an AV System

As a leading technology expert in audiovisual systems design and integration, Spinitar ensures our clients’ trust with our ability to meet expectations in value and performance. We support the needs of our clients throughout the lifetime of partnership using Spinitar’s dedicated team concept. Every client and project is assigned to a team of professionals guiding our customers through every project stage from beginning to end.

After all the physical installation (i.e., cabling, display, speakers, racks) has been completed, system designers are responsible for thoroughly testing and validating the AV system before turning it over to the client. 

To test and commission an AV system means to verify that all of the designed functionality is working in a real-life setting. This is an essential step because many variables that exist on job sites may not be present in our testing environment. These can include HVAC noise, reflective surfaces, ambient light, and other physical factors that cannot be accounted for during internal testing.

Spinitar performs both internal and in-field testing. In our test environment, we set up IP addresses, update firmware, validate source codes, and document any changes to the AV drawings. In field commissioning, we perform final system validation and programming checks.

Specific features tested and commissioned in the field are microphones, speaker levels, display settings, field inputs (laptops/cameras), phone lines, video conference calls, and control over building systems like lighting or shades. Every system design is different, so how it is tested and commissioned is based on its components. 

Our professional services teams precisely plan, manage, and execute projects through our project-enhancing technology (Q360) to ensure successful outcomes. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that upon turnover to the customer, there are no bugs, and the system will perform as designed! 

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Our process extends past project completion and gets handed off to a Spinitar support team that provides several success services, including enterprise adoption training, on-site staffing, remote monitoring, and more. 

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