As we’re more than halfway through 2020, Covid-19 is still persistent as ever. People around the world have adapted their “new normal” to working remote, and when it is time to safely return to the workplace, office spaces will look much different.

For starters, employers may require temperature checks before entering the workplace, masks to be worn in all common/open areas, and implement flex schedules to reduce the amount of people in a space at one time. But what about the structure of the office? Will the market for huddle spaces, conference and collaboration rooms still be in demand? Tim Kridel, from Inavate, interviews Jeff Irvin, Principal at Spinitar to find out what the future of corporate office spaces might evolve to look like.

During the interview, Irvin provides insight on what audiovisual integrators are doing to help companies adjust, how Covid-19 is impacting the AV industry and plans Spinitar has to stay competitive in a market that's consolidating.

“What we do is hard. You could pick a lot of other industries that are easier to get into than AV. Customers will not pay for that black magic of making it work these days. They have an expectation that you plug it in, and it works. With our PSNI affiliation, I can go to my customers and say I can do work for you virtually wherever you have an office. That allows me to show as many pins in the map as the big boys and girls. I can even show more. It’s pretty powerful stuff,” says Irvin.

To read the full Inavate interview between Tim Kridel and Jeff Irvin, click here

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