Spinitar recently donated their time and services to a small California town in an effort to rebuild and modernize their local community center after being affected by the infamous ‘Camp Fire’.

The town of Paradise, California is a small community located 2 hours away from the capital city of Sacramento. In November of 2018, the city was physically devastated after being hit by one of the worst wildfires in California state history. After the smoke cleared, more than 90% of the city was left permanently damaged or destroyed.

The Paradise Recreation and Park District sought assistance to help modernize the community's public facilities. As an independent special district that served the public needs of over 50,000 local area residents, but now serves the needs of a smaller population with less facility options—they looked to improve the AV technology capabilities of their local community center.

The Paradise Recreation and Park District reached out to Spinitar to help them achieve their technological vision. Although the Paradise community center remained structurally intact, the building still lacked the modernized AV capabilities needed to move forward. They sought to integrate various high-tech solutions, but needed a partner that could provide support along the way.

Spinitar helped bring new life to the community center by integrating a series of innovative AV solutions including:

  • Top of the line projection screen
  • Ceiling mounted projector
  • Updated audio and video components
  • Wireless microphones 
  • 75” Interactive display systems and more

In light of the devastation and their interest in helping the city recover, Spinitar and their manufacturer partners were able to deliver a series of new AV technologies at no charge to the Paradise Recreation and Park District. The community had expected to pay for the updated technologies, but needless to say were overjoyed at the generous endeavor. 

The manufacturers that Spinitar partnered with include:

  • Legrand
  • Samsung
  • Liberty AV Solutions
  • Extron
  • BTX/Luxul
  • Shure
  • AtteroTech
  • Crestron
  • Sennheiser
  • Allen & Heath
  • ProCo

“Spinitar has stepped in to lend a helping hand in restoring our critical community infrastructures. By updating the AV capabilities of our local community center—they’ve provided a tremendous gift to which we’re immensely grateful. We’re confident that these newly upgraded features will help in the years to come.” Sunny Quigley

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