Spinitar, a leading technology expert in audiovisual systems design and integration, today announced the launch of their new AV solution, Welcome-Check™, a hands-free temperature and facial recognition solution. 


Using advanced thermal imaging technology, Welcome-Check has the ability to provide organizations and institutions with real-time protection and advanced facial recognition capabilities. The touchless imaging device is capable of providing users with immediate human body temperature readings and can hold up to 30,000 images, tracking multiple people simultaneously. Designed to provide a safe work and learning environment, Welcome-Check has the ability to quickly identify potential safety threats, while decreasing large-scale exposure. 

Spinitar’s Welcome-Check technology provides a number of key features including:

  • Precise temperature readings (<.5 degrees C accuracy)
  • Hands-free scanning technology
  • Enhanced network capabilities
  • Third-party integration flexibility
  • Advanced facial recognition technology
  • Optional card reader features
  • Wall, table, and podium mounting options

The thermal detection device is designed to communicate with a digital console that provides organizations and institutions with real-time data tracking and statistical information such as, total number of face scans, user scan information, visitor scan information, blacklisted user data, and more. 


‘We’re so excited to have the opportunity to assist our customers deliver a safer experience for their staff, students, and guests as they begin the return to their place of work and learning.” Said Spinitar Principal, Jeff Irvin. “We firmly believe that Spinitar’s Welcome-Check technology delivers the very best solution and the very best features, at the very best value!” 

For more information on Welcome-Check, please visit our website.

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