LA MIRADA, CA (January 21, 2019) - Spinitar, a leading technology expert in AV systems design IMG_5965and integration, today announced the promotion of a new Regional Vice President and a new Executive Vice President of Corporate Development to their leadership suite.

Craig Petorella began working in the AV industry as a field technician in early 2004. Having worked in integration leadership roles over the past several years, Petorella recently acted as a Project Manager for Team Verticals at Spinitar. In his new role, Petorella will lead six teams in the Pacific Region, improving and expanding the teams, while fully encompassing Spinitar’s mission of, “Fun and World Class.”

As Regional Vice President, Petorella plans to continue moving the Pacific Region team members toward success, and plans to do this by being a good listener, setting expectations, and rewarding accomplishments along the way.

“Career growth at Spinitar is a top priority of our organization. Said Spinitar Principal, Jay Rogina. We encourage growth from within and we are proud to have demonstrated that in the case of Craig Petorella. Jeff and I have high hopes that Craig will bring great things to our organization.”

Dirk WilliamsDirk Williams has joined Spinitar as the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, with experience in both enterprise development and human resources. Williams has experience with crafting long-term, sustainable growth strategies, which has allowed him to have a hand in operations, finance, sales and human resources. He has been involved with strategy development for Best Buy Inc., ConAgra Foods, and Thomson-Reuters, and has worked with Pillsbury in IT and Marketing and Victoria’s Secret in finance positions.

As the new Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Williams aspires to grow Spinitar to a Top 10 integrator and believes that he can do that by cultivating the culture of the company. He plans to establish a framework for long-term growth that will expand upon the culture that Spinitar was founded upon. This will include attracting top-notch talent, gaining alignment around the mission and vision, and risk management within the California business climate.

“We’re very excited to have Dirk join the Spinitar Family. Said Spinitar Principal, Jeff Irvin. We’re excited to see Dirk’s big company experience help drive significant growth for us in the coming years.”