For Immediate Release

San Diego, CA (December 13, 2018) - Last night, Spinitar participated in the unveiling of San Diego’s first moving digital art piece, “Liquid Light”, as a technology partner and sponsor for the event. Conceived and designed by artist, Roark Gourley, the art piece rests on the exterior of the InterContinental Hotel, and was created to celebrate the lifestyle and culture encompassing the new bayfront hotel. Still frames and short features of the digital piece will also be shown on displays throughout the inside of the hotel.

The 17 ft high by 145 ft wide high-resolution moving mural showcases an abstract visualization of the concept of human in liquid motion, the beauty and flow of sea life, and the interaction between the two. Spinitar acted as the primary audiovisual integrator for the 2-3 year project, and collaborated with the hotel, artist, and technology expert Christie Digital, to bring the piece to completion.

"These unique and challenging opportunities are what make partnering with our clients fun and exciting! Using technology to create more than just a presentation, but truly complimenting the artistry, is magical! A must see experience of technology and art!" - Jay Rogina, Principal, Spinitar

The projection of the artwork requires an extremity of audiovisual implementation to function. Technological components for the moving piece include a turnkey audiovisual system, customized outdoor glass panel mounting technology, interconnected diagrams and circuit detailing, and support components for equipment rack elevation, touch panel control, and audio system support.

The event celebrated with live music, San Diego cuisine, and cocktails. Food was provided by local restaurants, Vistal and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. In addition, three metal sculptures titled “Groundswell”, developed by San Diego artist Chris Puzio, debuted alongside the digital mural. These pieces were also similarly inspired by the Port of San Diego waterfront and the history of the Broadway and Pacific Hwy.

This downtown area is the home to the historic site of the former baseball stadium for the San Diego Padres. The groundbreaking digital projection piece now resides in close proximity to the San Diego Embarcadero, which hosts the dock for the USS Midway and the Maritime Museum of San Diego.