Technology and art are often thought of as separate and opposing subject matters. One tends to be logic based while the other is intuitively creative. Blending the two can often be a challenging endeavor for many to accomplish, but one organization was able to harmoniously use both to achieve a common goal. Helios Education Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals reach postsecondary success while being guided by values of integrity, collaboration, and innovation. By funding educational programs and initiatives—Helios Education Foundation has helped numerous individuals follow the path towards achieving academic success.

Using a combination of modern technology infrastructure and cultural desert aesthetics—Helios decided to design an architecturally sophisticated building that embodied core values of education and learning within a team oriented environment.

How Art and Technology Can Fuel Education

Art and technology fall at two different ends of the intellectual spectrum. While one emphasizes beauty the other focuses upon practicality. Helios Education Foundation sought to design a building that would fuse the two by encouraging learning and simultaneously enhancing creative development within a thriving academic environment.

The newly created space was designed by combining modern architectural flare and innovative technology. Using integrated cutting edge technologies—Helios Education Foundation enlisted the help of trusted partners and industry leaders to make the design a reality.

Using Trusted Partners to Achieve Strategic Vision

Helios sought experienced partners in the AV world that closely aligned with their core values and goals. They contacted The Sextant Group, now known as NV5, and Spinitar to help bring their vision to life.

With assistance from NV5 and Spinitar—Helios began crafting a fresh space with modern architectural flare and advanced tech capabilities in mind. The project was focused upon using advanced AV technology blended with artistic creativity. With assistance from trusted high-end manufacturers Crestron and RP Visuals—the technological solutions would encourage community engagement and support.

Achieving Modern Technology Success

With support from Spinitar and NV5—Helios Education Foundation sought to design an innovative space inspired by local cultural influence. As an experienced AV industry leader Spinitar and NV5 recognized the importance of educational focus and culturally inspired architecture.

Using advanced AV solutions and local culture aesthetics—Spinitar implemented various technologies throughout the building including:

  • Crestron interactive Flex UC audio/video conferencing systems
  • Integrated motorized microphones with hide away capabilities
  • Crestron TouchPanel controls
  • Wall-mounted 98” NEC flat panel 4K displays
  • Microsoft Teams conferencing systems
  • Wall-mounted Crestron room schedulers with real-time status of schedules and meetings

Each of these new technological solutions allowed Helios Education Foundation to help foster advanced student preparedness within a thriving academic environment. The project included convening spaces, meeting rooms, event service spaces, a fitness center, and more.

The following technologies were implemented throughout the Helios space including:

  • Boardroom
  • Executive conference room
  • Large conference room
  • Small conference room
  • 5 office spaces
  • Convening area
  • Interactive presentation space
  • 6 partner suites

With help from Crestron and RP Visuals—Spinitar was able to create an educational environment that embraced local desert culture and architectural design.

The Final Product

The new spaces designed by Spinitar and NV5 helped create a thriving academic environment inspired by cultural desert aesthetics. Helios Education Foundation was successfully able to implement technological solutions that encouraged collaboration and community involvement.

The various technological innovations created a space where learning can flourish and grow. Spinitar’s dedication along with Helio Education Foundation’s vision helped facilitate a path towards educational excellence and future growth.

As a result, future students will be able to achieve educational success while embracing local cultural values. With the help of modern architecture designs and cutting edge technologies—the design and vision of Helios is now a reality.

“Spinitar was able to help Helios Education Foundation achieve our goal of combining sustainable architecture with innovative audiovisual solutions. Our Campus will inspire community collaborations that will help pave the path towards student success for generations to come.” - Paul Luna, CEO of Helios Education Foundation

For additional information about how Helios Education Foundation implemented technological solutions with the help of Spinitar—feel free to review our recent case study to learn more.

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