AV systems integration leader, Spinitar, recently sat down with LED solutions provider, Unilumin, to discuss how higher education institutions are currently using displays to adapt to market trends. Let’s take a look at how LED displays are being used at various campuses and universities.

The higher education system has begun implementing a number of technological innovations to assist with student recruitment and campus tours. LED displays, in particular, have become one of the cutting-edge tools colleges are using to increase student interest. With a variety of multi-use functions—LED displays are being used across campuses all over the country. 

The higher education system has placed an increased emphasis on improving it’s recruitment tactics. Attracting and retaining quality students remains critical to the success of educational institutions and facilities. As such, LED video walls have become one tool campuses can use to display the forward thinking strategies needed to drive prospective student engagement.

The progressive nature of LED displays provides a number of interactive capabilities with endless applications. The ability to watch and listen to multiple TV channels concurrently allows students to stay mentally engaged on a variety of topics and shows. 

How COVID has Increased the Need for LED Displays

The multi-purpose capabilities of LED displays has increased substantially during the ongoing pandemic crisis. With current space limitations and social distancing requirements—the need for larger LED displays and powerful speakers has drastically increased throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

LED displays can be used outdoors for massive gatherings and presentations that can’t be safely performed indoors. The displays can be used at sporting events, concerts, and campus presentations to reach a wider audience in a safe and effective manner. LEDs can also be used to provide campus-wide updates. Notices containing phrases such as “shelter in place” or “social distancing” reminders can be prominently displayed in public locations to help reach larger groups of students.

Driving Student Interest

Out of date technology at universities leads students to believe that campuses may be out of touch with the latest innovations. Utilization of the latest forms of technology lets students know that the campus is at the cutting-edge of innovation. 

Spinitar and Unilumin work closely together to effectively integrate technology within discretionary budgetary requirements. Many universities rely on this technology to attract collegiate athletes. As schools obtain a higher sense of technological notoriety—the students and fans alike are able to experience the full-scale capabilities of LED signage and technical innovation.

LED displays improve the athletic recruitment capabilities to help showcase player content, videos, stats, player pictures, highlight reels, and much more. Student athletes are able to enjoy the various technological capabilities existing in higher education settings.

The pricing and accessibility of Direct View LED has made the technology more affordable now than ever before. Although it was historically expensive—increased affordability has helped establish widespread solutions for businesses, government institutions, and colleges and universities.

The expansive nature of Direct View LED has allowed the technology to be integrated into various types of physical environments. Whether it be universities, esports arenas, retail locations, or city organizations—nearly all verticals can benefit from the technological capabilities associated with LED displays. 

The lifespan of LED technology has also increased tremendously over the years due to improvements in technology and manufacturing mechanisms. The end result has created LED displays with an average lifespan lasting over 11.2 years. 

Using LED Tech to Improve the Student Experience

LED displays enable universities to stand apart from other higher education institutions. The vast capabilities of the technology allows students to stay engaged and informed on current events while experiencing various aspects of the college experience.

Spinitar and Unilumin believe students can achieve higher educational success with the help of the latest cutting-edge technologies. The solutions provided will allow students to remain committed and engaged to campus life even during the midst of a global wide pandemic. 

Although higher education has experienced a variety of ongoing changes and concerns—students will still be able to live a lifestyle enriched with educational and social activities.

For additional information about how Spinitar and Unilumin are using LED technology—feel free to listen to the podcast in its entirety.