Digital signage has become a popular addition to government facilities worldwide, where internet-connected display networks and technologies are significant in updating time-sensitive messaging. 

With over 36 years of experience in the audiovisual industry, Spinitar continues to effectively specify, assess, and implement the most essential and beneficial equipment in these critical spaces.

Government agencies must be able to simultaneously visualize the big picture and little details in various situations requiring high urgency levels. In this blog, we will discuss how Spinitar implements high-resolution video walls to disseminate information and with av solutions that make a difference.

What is a Video Wall?

A combination of multiple LCD or LED tiles produces a single, massive screen known as a video wall. Available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and resolutions, video walls are designed to precisely fit the needs of each environment depending on the client's objectives. 

Users can stream high-quality videos, enlarge images, and alternate messages across a brilliant wall of digital displays. Video walls are flexible and used for various purposes, primarily to share information on a large scale, such as advertisements, special announcements, presentations, and emergency plans.

Why Government Agencies Need Video Walls

AV technology is continually developing and changing all over the world, so government agencies must keep up with the ever-changing trends of communication in society.

Sharing and receiving public information may require an immediate response or action. Utilizing scheduled and dynamic messaging through secure software can help staff and the general public properly inform and direct one another in any case. 

Video walls function as a large digital dashboard, a visual aid that allows people to view agency operations in real time.


While improving efficiency in their plans and protocols, it is mandatory to ensure that data stays protected in the flow of information revealed on the screens. You can implement the practices of regularly scheduling system updates, blocking out potential threats, and educating employees to secure cybersecurity when conducting work with confidential data

Individualized panels can expose various feeds of information or be combined to showcase a feed on a giant display; operators must be able to control and switch between different views on the video wall. Typically, these video walls can be found in command centers, control rooms, operational headquarters, meeting rooms, and other high-functioning environments. 

In collaborative circumstances, video walls keep your team engaged and focused on the relevant material. It's almost impossible to ignore a massive display of immersive visuals, so you can be sure to retain your team's attention at all times. 

Fine details, such as text and schematics, are necessary to ensure that the content displayed is understandable and legible to everyone in the room, viewing from any distance or angle. 

Color accuracy and high contrast levels in video walls have assisted operators in viewing and analyzing aerial, radar, or seismic imagery. This is a significant feature to consider about this technology, especially since decisions can be affected by minor detail or color differences. 

The implementation of video walls can be impactful when making critical decisions. Whether people are viewing an interactive map, facilitating an emergency or disaster, monitoring crime, or managing public safety and traffic— video walls provide situational awareness to make quick deployment decisions easier in both planned and unplanned events. 

Examples of Video Walls By Spinitar

Spinitar's extensive portfolio of AV solutions and services in the government sector has proven its ability to tailor effective systems that significantly improve the flow of information. Take a look at some of Spinitar's most incredible video walls installed and integrated into government facilities.

How Spinitar Can Assist In the Technology Refresh At Your Local Government Facility

There is no time for technical issues when local communities depend on monitoring services, adjusting to emerging concerns, and focusing on crisis response efforts- especially during complex, high-stress situations. 

Producing high-resolution visuals and relaying messages in a timely manner is a unique advantage of having video walls. With Spinitar's AV solutions and services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your network is secured and technology will run smoothly and seamlessly.

Contact a Spinitar sales representative today to learn more about how you can implement video walls into your facility.

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