During a recent webinar, “Choosing the Right Display Technology,” Spinitar collaborated with experts at NEC Display Solutions to provide their exclusive insight on the three main display solutions: LCD, LED and Projector. The audience was asked several important questions during the webinar. Here are the revealed results, provided by the webinar participants.

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Poll Question: When choosing the right display technology, what is the most important factor in your decision making process?

Size For Intended Audience: 50%
Quality: 42%
Reliability: 42%
Cost: 39%
Usability: 22%

Expert insights:
All factors seem to play a significant role in display technology selection. However, the size of the display carry the most weight for attendees. Webinar participants addressed the importance of these factors, budget, and goal. Additional considerations are installation, maintenance, lifetime of product, and placement.

Poll Question: What are displays used for within your organization?

Presentations: 92%
Collaboration / Meetings: 68%
Digital Signage / Wayfinding: 57%
Workstation Support: 35%

Expert insights:
Majority of attendees revealed that their organization uses display technology for presentations. This type of information is crucial when selecting display solutions. Factors like font size, viewing distance, and resolution vary in importance depending on the intended use for the technology.

Poll Question: What viewing requirements are most important to you when choosing the right display?

Information: 59%
Critical Decision Making: 41%
Full Motion Video: 41%
Basic Decision Making: 33%

Expert Insight:
While the webinar poll validates the importance of all viewing requirements, information portrayal was revealed to be the most crucial. Depending on your organization’s viewing requirements and needs, ambient light conditions as well as brightness and screen size must be accounted for. For example, mission critical information shared within an airport will require a far different display than mainstream signage on a higher education campus.

Poll Question: How do you plan to maintain and service display technologies within your organization?

Invest In a Maintenance Plan: 65%
Rely on Internal Team: 17%
Address Concerns Individually: 9%
Who has time to think about potential mishaps?: 4%

Expert insights:
Fortunately, most webinar attendees see the value in investing in a maintenance plan. Servicing display technology in-house or taking a break-fix approach is not efficient for company resources. On boarding display technology experts reduces cost, saves time, and ensures quality operational performance in the long run.

Key Takeaways

  • Start the decision making process by developing your budgets and goals.

  • From size of intended audience to usability, there are several key considerations that influence the decision making process.

  • The intended use of the display, the environment, and the information being shared all impact technology selection.

  • Have a plan in place for maintenance and service that factors in cost, maintenance intervals, calibration, and ease of replacement.

Additional Resources
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