When embarking on a new audiovisual project, it is imperative to get the right help from the beginning, in order to avoid costly oversights and mistakes. In the audiovisual and unified communications industry, one of the essential people to have involved is a CTS. This blog post addresses the question, “What is a Certified Technology Specialist and why would I need one?” We’ll dive into the basics of what qualifies a CTS and what types of projects can benefit from working with one.

What is a CTS?

Certified Technology Specialists can be design consultants or systems integration experts, and are essential for any design team. Working in unison with the architect, a Certified Technology Specialist helps to develop communications and presentation environments bringing their expertise in AV technology, acoustics, lighting or mechanical systems to your project.

How Can a CTS Help Architects and Designers?

Certified Technology Specialists can help architects and designers overcome technical limitations to ensure the best outcomes for their projects.

Save precious time and resources. Bring an AV expert on board from the start to help you account for and accommodate technical challenges and requirements, as well as minimize the possibility of having to rework your plans.

Take advantage of technology. Have a CTS recommend specialized lighting, HVAC, electrical and IT systems and solutions that address your specific communication needs and objectives. Knowledgeable about alternative building materials and techniques, a CTS expert can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a presentation venue or space.

Integrate form and function. CTS professionals are instrumental in the design and implementation of complex communications and presentation solutions that are attractive, intuitive and functional. They can also plan and develop the underlying infrastructure and physical requirements for AV components in ways that harmonize and complement a structure.

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