There is no doubt that technology is developing exponentially, and schools must keep up with the tech-savvy students enrolling today. As time goes by, more colleges are upgrading their campuses with audiovisual technology to benefit the recruitment efforts and provide students with the tools they need to succeed. 

The market for AV products and services in education continues to grow – as analysts estimate, revenues from this investment reached about $20 billion in 2019 and have been predicted to grow six percent annually through 2024. Looking into the different perceptions of AV installations, 82% of decision-makers say that it helps teachers teach, 73% say that it increases student engagement, and 61% say that AV in learning spaces helps boost the efforts in collaboration.

AV technology allows schools to create upgraded digital spaces for various purposes, increasing the temptation of students to enroll and take advantage of the resources available on campus.

Digital Signage Makes a Lasting Impression

Capturing visitors' attention could promote a higher turnout of enrollment and attendance of students on campus. Students expect the latest technology to be available to them; therefore, schools must consider how technological advancements keep them competitive.

Digital signage in schools can be implemented in building lobbies, corridors, classrooms, student lounges, alumni centers, dining areas, libraries, and recreational and sports facilities. Installing a network of LCD, LED, and 4K monitors allows them to showcase any announcements in real-time, including sports highlights and student deadlines.

Upon arrival, the sight of digital signage could heighten the excitement of being on school grounds. With digital signage in the front of the school, visitors may encounter video displays before they even step inside the campus. The enhancement of the school's tech aesthetic reveals its commitment to innovation.

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Interactive Learning and Collaboration Provides Options for Engagement

By providing different options for engagement, personalized learning and communication allows students to learn in a way that will enable them to digest the material better. It helps them absorb and retain the necessary information to thrive in their education.  

College students use mobile devices to interact and socialize with their family and friends, manage their finances, stay updated with the latest news, and other essential functions. This generation is comfortable with tech and would prefer to engage on digital platforms, prioritizing wireless connectivity. 

For AV solutions to change these learning spaces, different consumer and commercial devices must be considered to work seamlessly. Hybrid learning technology allows students to become more effective at communicating and team building. 

We must use high-resolution imagery, seamless multi-screen presentations, and interactive experiences that guarantee top-level user engagement and information retention. They must be easy to use, flexible, and dynamic enough to take the academic workspace to another level.

Spinitar has partnered with best-in-class 4k UHD manufacturers to create spaces that consistently and efficiently keep classroom media visible. These digital transformations have improved classroom efficiency by supporting the students' overall learning experience.

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A Premium Experience in Recreational Activities

The recreation center aids in education; students may develop positive self-esteem, boost health, improve interpersonal skills, and strengthen social relationships. More than just a place to exercise, it is a particular area for individuals to take advantage of programs and activities that could meet their individual needs, interests, and expectations. 

There are opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and unification. For example, LED video walls could be installed to facilitate group classes and events. Scoreboards may be upgraded and show scores that include graphics, stats, and other advanced features that provide better visuals. 

AV systems customized for these fitness environments can significantly enhance the overall experience and promote students to use these resources on campus.

AV is the Future of Education

The digital revolution has touched nearly every aspect of our lives. It will continue to thrive as future generations are born into a tech-oriented world. Improving the campuses with AV experiences allow higher education institutions to attract and retain students.

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