Commercial Integrator, the leading publication for the audiovisual industry, recently featured three important articles on Spinitar. In the posts, we shared secrets to our success in the audiovisual industry, including our incredible workplace culture, how we work with competitors to support customer success, and how teaming up with office furniture providers helps us to achieve even greater end results for our clients. This post offers a brief synopsis of each of these important success secrets - all of which make Spinitar a great choice for audiovisual integration.

How Our Self-Directed Teams and ‘Family’ Culture Helped Us Reach $60M

Spinitar’s approach to supporting customer success starts within. Our value-add is embedded in our people, and the way we deliver our services and support. Five years ago, a change to self-directed work teams highlighted accountability, and created even more success for our customers. This has lead to even more success for Spinitar as a key player in the audiovisual industry.

How to Work with Competitors and Gain Customers for Life

Spinitar is interested in the success of our customers to the point that we have rearranged our internal teams and even worked with competitors when necessary for the best project outcomes. In the audiovisual industry, many suppliers can recommend and procure technology, but the differentiator in gaining customers for life is providing bend over backwards customer service. We are focused on customer success, even if that means working with competition when it will enhance the end result.

Teaming Up with Office Furniture Providers to Enhance Corporate Spaces

Spinitar’s partnerships with Allsteel and Corporate Business Interiors allow us to show off the best technologies in the audiovisual industry in a finished context with modern office furniture. We now have two showrooms where our customers and potential customers can view and interact with the most updated technologies in the audiovisual industry, in beautifully-appointed office environments.

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