As we celebrate Mother’s Day weekend, we’d like to recognize all women hustling in the tech AV industry while playing the roles of amazing moms, daughters, sisters, and friends. We have asked a group of women to share their own experiences, tips and tricks of what it takes to have a career in AV while supporting their family pods.  

How do you set yourself up for success? 

“Routine – making sure you have a process in place for yourself and a checklist of sorts. Accept that mistakes happen and they often help with growth. Setting expectations for yourself is helpful too. Do not accustom yourself to working 10-hour days and avoid burnout.” - Mayra Barajas, Project Manager.

“For me, it comes down to timing, knowing when your customer buying season is, and making sure you reach out at the right time or ahead of time so you are fresh in their mind. Focusing on a game plan and planning accordingly keeps me focused on all the tasks that need to get done on a given day. Remember to breathe, and take one task at a time even when your email, and phone calls are piling up. Time management is the key and I set a reminder on my apple watch to take the time to stand up and take a walk around the office to give my eyes a chance to rest.” - Maria Lee, Customer Relationship Manager.

“I feel this would be true be of any industry, but…

  • Setting goals and creating a plan to meet them. 
  • Finding friends and colleagues who provide support and cheer you on! Be sure to cheer them on as well.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Stay in touch with mentors who have helped guide you along the way.
  • Spending time with my family, friends, and beach time is a must for me.
  • Growing up in Tennessee, I’m of course a fan of Dolly Pardon and I love her quote ‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose.’”
    - Dianna Baker, Customer Success Manager.

How do you set aside time to recharge? Why do you think it’s important to take that time?

“We get sucked into a life of work work work, so its important to make time for yourself in order to be successful. A great way is to do the little things that make you happy, whether that’s getting your hair or nails done or getting in a walk or workout to release the energy from the day. Endorphins make all the difference! I use weekends to try new adventures or connect with friends and family. It's extremely important to separate yourself from the day-to-day task from work that can get overwhelming at times.” - Adriana Hernandez, Lead Service Coordinator. 

“I think it is important to shut your work phone off and not open your computer once you are home (easier to say it than to do it).  When you are younger and trying to make a path in the business world, oftentimes you feel like your job/work identifies who you are.  Once you become a little older you will find that those personal aspects of your life are more important than work.  A job should never have the power over you, to become the way you identify yourself.” - Cathy Ahlers, HR & Payroll.

“I take my pup, Luther, on daily walks, and on the weekends I take a day to be active and outdoors – enjoy the fresh air. I feel like that is the best recipe for recharging and getting ready for the upcoming week.” - Mayra Barajas, Project Manager.

“When you have a second job (AKA) family life, you are always being pulled in 10 different directions… I am a WIFE, MOM, and Account Manager. All these play a different role in my day. But I make a commitment to myself and get in a 20 minute Peloton ride, I put my earbuds on and just ride – that is my time for me I tell everyone in my family to not interrupt me and they pretty much leave me alone. I also love to read so when the house is quiet I read a book.” - Maria Lee, Customer Relationship Manager.

"For myself, I do Pilates weekly, walk my dog (Tucker) every day, and have a very supportive group of women that love a good 90s hip hop lip sync battle around the fire pit on Friday nights." - Kristin Gallo, Sales Administrative Assistant.

“In order not to burn out from the pile of workload and hours of screen time, I make sure to set aside some uninterrupted time to take care of myself. Whether it’s catching up on cleaning my home, doing some self-care like facemasks and massages, or engaging in any hobbies that bring me joy- it’s important for me to prioritize ‘me time.’ This helps me ease off any stress and clear my mind, allowing me to function much better afterward. When I go back to work, I am refreshed and ready to tackle some work!” - Bea Lim, Content Marketing Specialist.

“Again spending time with my family and friends is a must. I really enjoy traveling both in the US and abroad.  I’ve visited 49 states and hope to make it to my last state, Maine, very soon!” - Dianna Baker, Customer Success Manager.  

What are some things you enjoy doing with your family?

"Obtaining a positive work/life balance is extremely important to me. With two young children, my husband, Justin, and I, often take time to enjoy the beautiful California Delta. We love to take our girls out on the boat to go fishing and relax on the beach with a cold beverage & yummy snacks in hand. Family time is very important to me, so working for an organization, like Spintar, that values my time with my family means the world to me." – Katie Rogina, Marketing Manager.

Going out to dinner, going to a show, take some time to go shopping. - Adriana Hernandez, Lead Service Coordinator.

What advice would you give to women entering the tech field?

“Spend as much time as you can reading industry material and networking with people who’ve been in the industry for years. There is so much to learn from others in social settings and not just in the office.  Find time for lunch, golf, and other outings with your co-workers or industry people.” - Michelle Moore, HR Manager.

“Don’t be discouraged or intimidated if you’re the only woman in the room. That’s something you have to learn to own and know that you’re just as capable as the person next to you.” - Mayra Barajas, Project Manager.

“Stay true to yourself, we have the most to offer when we are authentic. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. Let your goals and aspirations be known!” - Dianna Baker, Customer Success Manager.

"You should never limit yourself because you don’t think you fit in a certain industry.  I am an administrative person but I work for a technology company which I never thought I would be doing but I am willing to be opened minded to new experiences.  I have learned a lot since I joined the company, and I work with really smart, talented people." - Kristin Gallo, Sales Administrative Assistant.

Why do you think it’s important for more women to join the tech industry?

“Women can continue to add balance, so technology and innovation are continually being examined through many different lenses.” - Michelle Moore, HR Manager.

“It's important to have women in the tech industry... women are just as capable to take on and join the AV tech industry.” - Mayra Barajas, Project Manager.

“Women bring a lot of strength and stability to the industry.  We are excellent multi-taskers, have amazing conflict resolution skills, are excellent negotiators, and truly care for the well-being of our customers and colleges.” - Dianna Baker, Customer Success Manager.

“It is important for women to know that there are no jobs that are “only for men”.  Currently, there are not enough women in this industry.  This is an industry that is always growing, changing, and expanding.  By being a part of an industry that is tech-driven and staying aware of changes and growth in the industry you will be more able to grow your knowledge base and move forward in additional roles in the industry.” - Cathy Ahlers, HR. 

“ When young girls see women in tech careers, it could inspire and help them imagine themselves pursuing similar roles! It motivates them to push through challenges of STEM courses and hustle in the tech/av industry” - Bea Lim, Content Marketing Specialist.

How much do you think the industry has changed since you joined? 

Since joining Spinitar, the AV industry has evolved in a way that makes communicating easier than ever before. No matter the vertical, end-users are demanding flexible work and learning spaces that are cohesive to both their job and lifestyle. When I first began working at Spinitar, I was focused on highlighting the technology and all of the cool things our solutions are capable of. However, through the years, I’ve come to understand that it’s actually equally as important, if not more, to highlight the outcomes and experiences that Spinitar’s solutions and services provide our customers & their organizations.  - Katie Rogina, Marketing Manager. 

“I started in this industry in 1994, so I’ve seen many changes over the years.  Seeing more female faces throughout the industry has definitely been a plus. The internet has definitely created changes – It offers such a wealth of both good and bad information. Luckily this gives us the opportunity to partner with our customers to find the right solutions for them.” - Dianna Baker, Customer Success Manager.

What kind of challenges do you come across working in tech and how do you overcome them? 

“For our particular industry of AV solutions, I find that some AV folks don’t lead with a customer service mindset, they don’t grasp the concept of the people side to what we/Spinitar do/does.  We use technology/AV to connect people with other people or with something that serves a purpose or passion to that person. It's definitely a “connections” business! When I come across a person who doesn’t realize we have a customer on the other end, I take time to help them over the hurdle so we deliver a more effective solution.” - Michelle Moore, HR Manager.

“Starting in a male-dominated industry, I really had to prove myself.  I was evaluated in a different way and had to really protect my integrity.” - Dianna Baker, Customer Success Manager.

Thank you to all our Spinitarian ladies for all your hard work! We wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day full of love and hope you take this time to indulge in self-care.